10 Fireplace Remodel Ideas That You Will Love

10 Fireplace Remodel Ideas That You Will Love

10 Fireplace Remodel Ideas That You Will Love | Future Vision Remodeling

Tired of the look of your fireplace? Check out these 10 fireplace remodel ideas that will give your fireplace a whole new look to love.

Your fireplace is the focal point of your home, and it’s also a source of warmth as it evokes an inviting feel in any room.

If you’re thinking about performing a fireplace remodel, there are plenty of creative ideas you can try to give yourself an amazing makeover.

As you explore the many options available, read on for a list of ten ideas you’ll love that will inspire you to remodel your own fireplace.

Why Choose a Fireplace Remodel?

As trends change, your old and outdated fireplace may not keep up. When you decide to remodel the fireplace, it can make the entire room look fresh and new.

Updating your fireplace is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give the room a major makeover. Another perk to remodeling a fireplace is that it’s fairly easy and inexpensive to do.

Consider some of the newest trends in fireplace design that will make your living room look refreshed. These remodels are fun to do, and you can easily find styles that will make them unique to you.

Once you update your fireplace, it becomes the center point for the entire room. Consider remodeling your space around this element to create a cohesive theme or style.

There are many reasons why people choose to remodel their fireplace, and it’s a great way to elevate your living room without breaking the bank. From tile and marble to concrete or wood, there’s no shortage of fireplace remodel ideas out there to try.

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1. Add Tiles

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Alt text: A fireplace with white tiles.

Say goodbye to the old brick and consider applying tiles around your fireplace. You can choose anything from wood-look ceramic to glass, stone, and more. When you add tiles to the fireplace, it gives it a clean look along with lots of modern, contemporary appeal.

2. Paint Bricks

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Alt text: White painted brick fireplace.

If you love the concept of a brick fireplace but you’re tired of the same old red, you can easily paint them any color you like. A whitewash over brick can elevate your fireplace and bring it a warm, inviting touch. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different paint colors until you find the hue that will work best in your living room.

3. Remove the Mantel

The simple act of removing the mantel from your fireplace can do wonders for its look. Without a mantel, your fireplace will look sleek, clean, and modern. If you’re short on space, taking out the mantel can also make the room look larger and give you more room to hang artwork or add accessories next to the fireplace.

4. Add a Bookshelf

Get more from your fireplace by adding bookshelves on either side or directly over the mantel. This option gives you plenty of space to store and display your favorite novels, framed photos, and collectibles. A bookshelf alongside a fireplace will also make any room look and feel a whole lot cozier.

5. Add an Interesting Screen

A fireplace screen is designed to protect you and your floors from sparks and burning embers. Even if you rarely use your fireplace, a unique screen can give it a brand-new look. Try a screen made of shimmering metal, or choose something that comes in an unusual design like trees, birds, or a contemporary design that will give the fireplace lots of visual appeal.

6. Add Rustic Elements

If you’re a fan of the rustic farmhouse look, it’s easy to add this to your fireplace. Install a reclaimed wood beam over and around the fireplace to create a custom mantel. Other options to create a rustic vibe include stacked stone, a barn door, or even hanging faux taxidermy over the fireplace.

7. Add Ornate Carved Wood

To give your fireplace an intricate element, add some ornately carved wood around the perimeter. Incorporating carved wood around your fireplace will give it a sophisticated, distinctive aesthetic. This feature may be expensive, but it’s worth it if you want to make your fireplace really stand out.

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8. Refinish with Stone

Stone adds texture and bold design to any room, and it looks stunning when you refinish the fireplace with this natural material. You can choose to add natural stone for a rustic touch or try something modern like slabs of slate or limestone. Pick your stone colors carefully and try to choose something that’s neutral like gray or tan so it blends with your other decor.

9. Use Marble

Sleek and sophisticated, marble elevates the look of anything including the fireplace. Add smooth marble to your fireplace to give it a modern touch and a luxe vibe. This stunning stone comes in a huge range of colorways including white and gray, black, and many others to help you create a custom look.

10. Use Concrete

A unique fireplace remodel idea is to use concrete to give it a fresh, modern vibe. This project is easy and inexpensive to do, and it can literally transform the entire look of your room with just one change. A concrete fireplace is a bold way to give any space in your home an edgy touch that’s also understated and sleek.

Refresh Your Fireplace

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Alt text: A fireplace with white tiles.

You can take your home to a whole new level with a fireplace remodel. Whether you adore the modern look of concrete and marble or prefer rustic elements like wood or stacked stone, the sky’s the limit for this cozy focal point.

Consider the way your home looks and feels before you decide which fireplace design will work for you. With some patience and creativity, you can transform this important part of your home and make it your own.

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