10 Laundry Room Ideas

10 Laundry Room Ideas

The laundry room is the cornerstone of a tidy home. A dedicated room for a household's laundry is a privilege – and it should be treated as such!

Laundry day can be boring. Most people don't want to spend hours on this mind-numbing, but necessary chore. But what if there were ways to make laundry day bearable – even fun?

Laundry rooms are often a logjam of wasted space – several vital square meters, often in wasted areas of the house being relegated to a function that's used, at most, once a week. By putting extra effort in designing the space, you maximize the value you get out of the space – despite the small time commitments involved.

With a combination of the right artistic sensibility and a competent contractor, a homeowner can turn their laundry room into an exciting space. A laundry room makeover might be just the spark required to turn a house into a home. At Future Vision Remodeling, we're dedicated to transforming any room – even the laundry room – into an aesthetically appealing space that lasts you a long time. Here's our guide on how to spruce up your laundry room.


A bright and vibrant space is uplifting. Colorful walls and attractive surfaces are easy on the eyes and can work wonders on the general mood. Ask the contractor about the different shades available. Since the laundry room is a relatively smaller space, this is a great opportunity to get creative and experiment with different colors.

Wallpapers with popping designs or stickers can be great additions too.

Dryer Rack

Get innovative with space-saving tactics, like a ceiling drying rack. The contractor can help set up a quality dryer rack on the ceiling. While many opt for a DIY project, contractors have experience operating special drills and can avoid damaging wiring or plumbing.

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Revamp the entire lighting setting of the laundry room to enhance the ambiance. People generally tend to do enjoy tasks better when the lighting is just right. A light-bulb revamp of the laundry room can help improve the overall vibe and certainly impresses while hosting guests over an extended stay. Ambient lighting coupled with natural lighting can reduce eye strain as well.


Get creative with the available space. With the right guidance and mindset, even a cramped laundry room can turn into an efficient storage space. A good interior contractor can seamlessly install floating shelves, extra racks, wall cubicles, and basket bars while utilizing minimum space. Layered holders can be installed on the back of the door to store cleaning supplies. A tension rod above the washing machine can be used for drying and save space.


Contractors can help install built-in cabinets and retrofit cabinets. Kitchen cabinets that match the painted décor of the laundry room can be bought on a budget. Existing builder-grade hardware may be durable, but they're neither chic nor customizable. An entire cabinet replacement could be the way to go. Cabinet interiors can be retrofitted with laundry baskets, extra drawers, and shelves. This helps better organize the mess a large family (or even a small, chaotic one) can create!


The sky's the limit when it comes to adding artwork in the laundry room. Support local artists by buying relatively inexpensive art pieces. People with specific aesthetic tastes can commission custom artwork to be made to fit the exact dimensions of the laundry room. Every open surface is fair game, even the ceiling. Motivational quotes, movie posters, or even family memorabilia can be used to brighten up the laundry room space.


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Since laundry rooms deal with a ton of moisture and wet items, hardwood or concrete floors can be a bad idea. Concrete floors tend to get damp and cold, plus they look drab. A contractor can replace the entire flooring with durable, water-resistant porcelain. Linoleum floors are great too and can be easily cleaned up. Ceramic tiles can look classy and can be water-resistant if tiled right. It's important to contract a reputable professional for this task, as it is laborious and can affect other parts of the house if done poorly.

Extra Equipment

With all the space saved, it's time to get a bit whacky with this home renovation project. Birdcages, compact bookshelves, a cozy home office, a folding station, a dog/cat wash space, an extra sink, a collapsible ironing board, etc. The possibilities are endless. Curtains can be installed to separate washing and ironing areas. A large bench with a small shelf underneath can be used to store shoes.

Counter Space

Counter space is key to separate, organize, dry, and fold clothes. Add custom countertops on top of the washers and dryers to maximize utility. Quartz countertops work best and look suave. Porcelain and granite can work equally well. An island counter space (if the square footage is available)


Multifunctionality and versatility can be added advantages of a laundry room renovation. Home improvement projects like this contribute to productivity and the overall aesthetic of a home being elevated.

Other ideas of turning the laundry room into a multipurpose room include an arts and crafts space, sports equipment storage, a mudroom, storage space for gardening equipment, etc. It can also be used as a calm retreat to catch up on some reading. Extra closet space can be installed to hand old clothes.


Organization and orderliness are key when it comes to utilizing space and resources. It's best to consult with a reputable local contractor to get the best quotes. While it might cost more than running a DIY project, but a professional saves time and provides quality results. Get started with Future Vision Remodeling to renovate your laundry room.