10 Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

10 Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

10 Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas | Future Vision Remodeling

Ready to begin your small kitchen remodel? You’re in the right place. Get inspired by these small kitchen remodel ideas.

When it comes to the most important room in your house, the kitchen might rank high on your list. This is because the kitchen is where most of your day to day activities take place.

Even small kitchens are important to your home. If you’re looking for small kitchen remodel ideas to improve your kitchen, then you’ve come to the right place.

There are plenty of ways that you can remodel your small kitchen to make it feel more open and welcoming to you and your family.

Keep reading for our ten ideas to help inspire you with your small kitchen remodel.

Creating Light

1. Repaint Walls White

If you’re thinking of remodeling your small kitchen, then you may be interested in adding more light to your home. An awesome way to give your kitchen more light is by repainting the walls white. Even if your kitchen already has white walls, a fresh coat of white paint can do wonders to make your kitchen feel more open and get rid of stains.

The best thing about a white kitchen is that you can change up the color scheme all the time depending on your mood or even the season. White gives you a nice backdrop for everything else in your kitchen.

2. Install New Light Fixtures

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Alt text: A kitchen with unique light fixtures.

Another way to add more lighting to your kitchen as well as give it an updated look is by installing a new light fixture. Light fixtures can totally change the way that your kitchen looks and feels.

Make sure to spend some time to figure out which light fixture would work best for your kitchen. The more light that you can get in your kitchen then the better it will feel.

3. Add Windows

A third way to add more light to your kitchen is by adding more windows. Natural light is the best kind of light especially when it comes to waking up in the morning and eating your breakfast.

Adding a window can be easy during a remodel as long as you have a blank exterior wall. Hiring a professional will be the best way to get the job done as they know exactly how to remove the parts of the wall and install your windows.

Creating Space

4. Add Cabinets

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ALT Text: kitchen with cabinets and brown color scheme

When it comes to a small kitchen remodel, you might just need more storage space to give yourself more room in your kitchen. Installing a cabinet to hold all of your kitchen appliances is a great way to create more counter space in your kitchen. Even adding a small pantry to store some of your snacks or other foods can help you get more space in a small kitchen.

5. Add a Kitchen Island

If you can’t install cabinets in your kitchen to get more space, then you may want to look into adding a kitchen island. A kitchen island will make your kitchen feel more welcoming as well as giving you extra space to prep food, extra storage space, and sometimes even extra space to sit at.

Kitchen islands are awesome because you can buy them to fit your needs. Of course, they do have prebuilt options, but if you have a small kitchen, then you’re probably going to look for something that will fit your home perfectly.

6. Add a Bar

Adding a bar to your kitchen is a great way to get some extra space and create more seating for you and your family. With a bar in your kitchen, you will add a bit more counter space as well as creating a whole extra seating area in your home. Your family will love the added room so you can all spend time together.

7. Update Your Galley Kitchen

When it comes to small kitchens, then you may have what is called a galley kitchen which means a kitchen between two walls that resembles a hallway. These types of kitchens can seem very small and almost as if you’re in a cave.

One way to update your galley kitchen is by creating more open space and getting rid of upper cabinets. Removing the cabinets gives a feeling of a larger kitchen and stops it feeling so cramped. You can try replacing the cabinets with our next item.

Adding Rustic Touches

8. Add a Farmhouse Sink

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Alt text: A farmhouse sink in a kitchen with granite countertops.

Another way to give your kitchen more space and also create a unique sense of style is by adding a beautiful farmhouse sink. Farmhouse sinks are large and can fit any kitchen aesthetic that you’re going for.

With its size, this type of sink will open your kitchen up more and make it look larger than life. You will also have tons of space to get those dishes done.

9. Exposed Wood Shelving

Exposed wood shelving is a great way to update the aesthetic in your home as well as making your kitchen feel more open. Adding shelving instead of cabinets can open up your kitchen and give you more room.

Displaying your dishes, spices, or even cooking oils on exposed wood shelving is a vibe that many people are going for. It can also help to make your kitchen look and feel more organized.

10. Kitchen Ladder

Another great way to stylize your kitchen is by expanding upwards and not out. Adding higher cabinets can be an awesome way to give you more storage space and the best way to reach those high shelves is with a fancy kitchen ladder.

There are many different types of kitchen ladders that you can use in your own kitchen depending on your needs whether you just need a unique step stool or a ladder. Adding high shelving and cabinets and the best way to work with the space that you have especially in a small kitchen.

Complete Your Small Kitchen Remodel

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ALT Text: kitchen with stainless steel refrigerator and cabinets

When it comes to your small kitchen remodel there are tons of things you can do to make it the kitchen of your dreams. Even small kitchens can be beautiful and welcoming as long as you make the right choices for your home.

Are you remodeling your kitchen or other rooms in your home? If so, then contact us today at Future Vision Remodeling and receive a free estimate from us. See your dreams of a beautiful home become reality right before your eyes!