10 Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

10 Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

An integral space for a teenage girl is her bedroom. A bedroom for anyone at this age is more than just a place to lay one’s head. It's a sanctuary where she can laugh, cry, read, work and spend time with her closest friends.

So, here are a few ideas to use as inspiration for decorating a teenage girl's bedroom in a unique way that reflects her sense of style and personality. At Future Vision Remodeling, we're here to bring your creative bedroom remodeling ideas to life. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Elegant wardrobes

One of the things that make it easy to decorate a bedroom is visualizing an organized space. But take the organization a notch higher by infusing a theme into the wardrobes for the room. The theme can be anything from her passion for music to cheerleading.

The wardrobes can be installed to match the overall color scheme of the bedroom, adding artistic aesthetics to the room. Installing wardrobes in a teen's room allows her to better organize her clothes, documents, suitcases and so forth, giving her a sense of independence and spaciousness.

Depending on the layout of the room, wardrobe designs can be sophisticated or simple. Consider designs that incorporate a dresser in the middle, shoe rack, full-length mirror and drawers as well. This provides plenty of storage but it's also functional helping to lessen the number of furniture in the room and creating more space.

Incorporate lively shelving

It's amazing what installing a couple of shelves in a teenager's bedroom can do. From a practical standpoint, they provide more storage areas for things such as sports gear like balls and racquets as well as other equipment like musical instruments or art supplies.

With quality shelving, she can make the shelf the liveliest place in her room by placing fun items onto it like a musical box, a functional old school record player (with real vinyl records), a stack of magazines and a vase of fresh flowers daily.

Calling a professional to install shelves is a better bet over DIY. That’s because the finish will be professional and aesthetically pleasing. A professional handyman will also help bring to life the kind of look and design that compliments the fun items destined for the shelf. Shelves can sound simplistic, but sometimes it the simplest of ideas that bring out the best in decorating a room. What makes a difference in shelf aesthetics is the grain, thickness and hue of the wood as well as the neatness of the installation.

Install a bookshelf

A bookshelf is a beautiful display where a teenager can keep their reading material. If your teenage girls are bookworms, then investing in a simple yet stylish bookshelf for their room is a good idea. You can even create a built-in bookshelf. A bookshelf can add character to a teenage girl's bedroom, and it doesn't need to be expensive. All it needs to be is thoughtful. That's where enlisting the service of a skilled wood artisan comes in.

The artisan can inscribe on the wood some of her favorite quotes from her favorite books. The design of the shelf should remain practical even if it does incorporate some whimsical aspects of literature. It should have sections for older read books as well as new, unread books.

Depending on the design it can be open or can have sliding glass panels that protect the books from accumulating dust. The aesthetic of a bookshelf is dependent on the type of wood used and the overall installation. This idea is excellent for sprucing up a teenager's bedroom with a little inexpensive remodeling.

Trophy chest

For athletic teenage girls who are in love with sports from basketball and martial arts to tennis or running track – building a nice cabinet for their trophies is a cute way to showcase their trophies.

Trophies are to be cherished and preserved. So if one has accumulated quite a few, with no signs of stopping, seize the opportunity to showcase her achievements in her room. Let her display the trophies in her room because they are her personal achievements which she can display in her personal space. It really helps personalize her room.

The idea is to have the chest done professionally with her input if possible. Create an individual glass case for each trophy and even incorporate a little lighting in each case to illuminate the trophy. This is something she can move out with or even pass down to her own kids when they begin to bring their trophies home. It may just be the beginning of a beautiful family tradition.

Painting the walls

Paint can instantly transform the feel and look of a room from drab to cheerful and cozy.

A coat or two of paint in her favorite color will help customize her bedroom. Paint colors can range from pink, orange, luminous green, yellow and so many more.

Unsure of what colors to work with? Consult a local professional to see a world of colors and paint designs that a teenage girl will love. Including her in the remodeling process will also be fun for her and of course, let her choose the colors to use in her bedroom.


Some teenage girls adore patterns and this option allows them to achieve wall decorative features that are hard to achieve with paint. For instance, she may be in love with roses, polka dots or any other fun pattern. Wallpaper allows her the option of surrounding her walls with a quirky pattern that she loves. Wallpaper can also be changed after few years or months depending on the quality.

Reading nook

One of the practical needs of a teenage girl is a comfortable study are in her room.

One of the corners of the room can be converted into a reading nook that creates an ideal study area. A reading nook can be designed and customized in so many ways with cushions, rugs and even a sofa when she is tired of sitting at the desk.

It should be comfortable enough to write on and accommodate books as well as work on a laptop. A reading nook can have a few hooks to hang a pouch that contains pencils, pens, rubbers, and an open shelve on the side to accommodate a few books. It can be conveniently built right alongside the bookshelf. Ensure that enough natural light flows into the nook and if possible she has a great view.


A teenage girl's bedroom does not need a lot of furniture. The little furniture it needs though can go a long way in contributing to the decor of the room. A nice and complementary study chair that gels with the reading nook, inbuilt shelves, bookshelves and wardrobe is important. Make it a cozy and easy chair to sit on for an extended period of time. If space is an issue, such chairs can be foldable, and can be stored away when not in use.


Lighting ideas for a teenage bedroom can help set the tone and mood of the room. In addition to conventional lighting, teenage girls may like the idea of a starlit wall or ceiling to give the impression that they are sleeping under the stars. This is pretty cool and quite achievable with the help of LED lights similar to those placed on a Christmas tree. If working with a tight budget consider something as simple as playing around with the lampshade hue to bring more life in the room.

Gallery wall

Using the walls of the bedroom as a gallery is a creative way to further customize a teenage girl’s room. This can be done by collecting and hanging artwork that complements the decor of the room. If she is an artist and likes paintings, then hanging her artwork on the bedroom walls is an ode to her work and will inspire her to continue. Her wall gallery can bear anything from paintings to jewelry or old antique stuff.


There are numerous ways in which a teenage girl’s bedroom can be spruced up to encourage creativity while maintaining organization. What's great about interior design is the fact that it does not have to be expensive as long as one works with the right team. Transform a teenage girl’s bedroom using simple ideas including painting the wall with her favorite colors or adding a few inbuilt shelves. This transformation is bound to trickle into many other areas of her life including how much she enjoys and cares for her personal space. Get started with Future Vision Remodeling to update her bedroom with creativity and quality.