5 Kitchen Island Ideas to Create Amazing and Functional Features

5 Kitchen Island Ideas to Create Amazing and Functional Features

5 Kitchen Island Ideas to Create Amazing and Functional Features 

Kitchen islands add beauty to the heart of your home and make your kitchen a practical and sophisticated room. With proper lighting, an attractive theme and a beautiful ambiance, kitchen islands significantly impact your cooking area. 

If you plan to remodel your kitchen, the right tips can boost your kitchen's storage space and preparation. Don’t worry about your kitchen size; kitchen islands can size up in larger and smaller kitchens. Not to forget that choosing kitchen island ideas, its color, shape and material also play a crucial role in making it an attention-grabbing feature.

In this blog, we have rounded up some kitchen island ideas that you can incorporate into your remodeling to make your kitchen more functional.

Go for Fluid Shapes

The long kitchen island gives movement and dynamism through fluid contours. The worktop has an overhang at one end for breakfast bar dining and is sculpted to facilitate easy movement across an open-plan home. This type of island, designed by Australian firm Auhaus Architecture, is specially constructed from Australian oak and has a tough oiled finish. The timber structure appears to sprout from the wooden flooring underneath and is made of vertical planks, which is more affordable than bending wood.

Add Fluted Details 

The fluted detail allows it to have a stunning feature around a curved form, providing texture, warmth, and contrast to the space and improving the traffic flow and ergonomics Individual 30mm-wide half-round dowels made of Tasmanian oak, a thick hardwood with staining properties, are used to make it which can do wonders to your kitchen. 

Add A Waterfall Edge

A "waterfall edge" is a common design element that elevates any island unit and extends the countertop seamlessly from horizontal to vertical. Deeply veined marbles look gorgeous when used this way, especially if you can find a slab big enough to let the veining go all the way to the floor. It's crucial to consider the flooring and how it will go with your chosen worktop; typically, a contrast works best.

Go For Mixed Materials

Do take into account how the size of the island will affect the installation of the countertop. According to experts, joints can be extremely evident on island units that are prominently positioned and made to be observed. Typically, islands over 11.5ft (3.5m) need two slabs of quartz or stone. Adding timber components like breakfast bars or chopping blocks is an excellent approach to blend materials while hiding joints.

Supersize Countertops

A large kitchen necessitates an island with a large footprint to guarantee it doesn't look out of place. Chiselwoo created a striking island with a lot of punch using chunky counters and large handles.

Deep strips mitered around the perimeter give the countertop its thickness. Also, it gives the cabinets beneath it a remarkable depth without placing undue strain on them.