5 Universal Bathroom Design Ideas to Integrate into Your Remodel

5 Universal Bathroom Design Ideas to Integrate into Your Remodel

Regardless of your bathroom size, age, and ability, universal designs are for all types of bathrooms that safely and effectively use space. 

In this blog, we have rounded up five universal bathroom designs that you may want to integrate into remodeling to grab elegant designs and make them accessible to everyone. So let's begin. 

  • Embrace Technology 

In this fast paced world, you cannot ignore technology as it provides a new level of universal design access. Smart applications and systems can control modern washroom technology, such as digital shower controls, medicine cabinets, smart toilets, and lighting. When incorporated into your bathroom, this innovative technology lets you personalize settings to help users feel safe and independent. Another tech-savvy option is humidity-sensing bath vents. It comprises an automatic on-and-off fan system that stops moisture from preventing mold, warping wood, and peeling paint, making unsafe conditions over time. 

  • Go For a Wall Treatment 

Adding a horizontal wall treatment can give your space a significant update. If anyone gets dizzy or there is a case of vertigo, this feature can help them with balance. It would be best to choose a tile, paint, chair, and wainscoting in a different color so it can be easily identified in a bathroom. 

  • Spend in Main-Level Access 

Many homes feature a powder room on the main floor of their room, but according to the universal design principles, you will need to outfit the main level of your house with a full bathroom. Also, the main level access will provide space for family members of any age if they get injured and can't go upstairs during the healing process. 

  • Choose Floating Vanity 

From a packed cabinet set to a simple countertop with a sink, floating vanities are available in various configurations. When you pair this design with installation adaptability, you get the floating vanities of a successful universal design. For anyone's access, you can install a wall-mount vanity at the right height, such as accommodating space underneath for a wheelchair or fitting a bench to give additional support. 

  • Ensure Suitable Floor Space

You might be shocked by how much accessible floor space a restroom requires. For instance, the room should have at least 60 inches of open floor space so that a person in a wheelchair may turn around without difficulty.

When you factor in bathrooms, floor space becomes challenging. Private restrooms are fantastic for solitude, but they are challenging to use when receiving assistance from a walker or another person. The toilet area should therefore be more significant than usual, ideally with a large gap to one side and a grab bar on the other. There is still room for assistive technology or outside help. When it's unnecessary, the extra space could feel strange. However, the furniture space can fill up the area and can easily be removed. 

Like other rooms, your bathroom needs to be remodeled with great care. Incorporate the above mentioned universal bathroom ideas into remodeling and see the transformation of your space!