5 Ways Remodeling Can Add Value to Your Home

5 Ways Remodeling Can Add Value  to Your Home

Not every home improvement tactic necessarily adds value to your home. Many remodeling jobs
may cost a lot but may not help to actually increase your home's resale value. You need to weigh the
cost against the value of the renovation or remodeling job you are getting done. If you invest
correctly, you can make a good profit at the time of selling your house.

Here are 5 ways remodeling can add value to homes:

1. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Bathrooms are undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of a home. Outdated bathrooms can
really put off prospective buyers. You should even consider adding an extra bathroom if you feel like
you have enough space and need more bathrooms. Remember to put in the latest facilities and
fixtures. A good kitchen remodeling job can also attract buyers to pay more, however, you need to
consider if the cost of materials is more or less than the added value. Simple additions such as
windows and appliances can be enough to impress potential buyers.

2. Basement finishing

Transforming your basement into an extra room, office, playroom, bar or in-house cinema can really
add value to your home. Finishing your basement means adding an extra space or room and making the best use of it.

3. Landscaping

The first impression is the last impression. The first thing potential buyers will notice when they step
onto the curb is the exterior of the home. A good first impression can actually up your home's value
by 5%. Just making sure the exterior of the house is properly painted is the first step. A good paving
job on the patio and driveway is always considered to add value and if you have a lawn, it should be
well maintained, with aspects of soft and hardscaping implemented to create a picturesque lawn.

4. Creating a home office space

Due to the advancement of technology, many people have the luxury of working from home.
Converting an extra room in your home into an office can definitely add value. Adding amenities
such as data ports, outlets and phone lines in a spacious office room can be beneficial at the time of

5. Addition of a deck

Research says that investing into the addition of a deck helped homeowners recover more than 80%
of the cost at the time of selling. If you install a deck, you can personalize features such as benches
and fire pits to improve its appeal. And, of course, using the highest quality of materials will help to
make the deck longer lasting, which can really be a major selling point of a home.

There are, of course, many other ways to add value to your home through remodeling. At the end of
the day, depending on the size of your home and all that you can work with or improve on, you can
only do so much to increase your home's value.

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