Bathroom Remodel Additions in Foster City, CA; Window, Lighting, Flooring & More

Bathroom Remodel Additions in Foster City, CA; Window, Lighting, Flooring & More

It's no secret that potential buyers will be looking at bathrooms when they are choosing their new home. The bathroom is one area you don't want to cut corners on because it is so important in the resale value of your home. There are some additions that should absolutely not be skipped when you are planning your bathroom remodel. Future Vision Remodeling is here to talk about what you should include in your next bathroom remodeling project to boost the value of your home.

In Wall Toilet Tank

This tip is especially helpful for those that have a bathroom with little to no extra space. When the tank of your toilet is hidden inside the wall, it can give you a considerable amount of room in your bathroom. The sleek design will also keep things contemporary and fresh. These also come with low flow options that will help you save water with each flush.

2″ Bathroom Sink Drain Pipe Size

While this isn't something that you can see when you step into your bathroom, it will make your bathroom so much more functional to upgrade your drain pipes to 2 inches. Traditional drains are 1 ¼- 1 ½ inches wide and when there is a family using the bathroom, they can clog rather easily. Upgrading to the 2 inch pipes will make a big difference in draining capabilities.

Include a Window in Bathroom Remodel

Natural light can drastically change the overall feel of your bathroom. If your bathroom is located on the interior of your floorplan, and it isn't possible to put a window in the room, you should consider a skylight or light tube as an alternative. If possible, a window or skylight that can be opened will help keep moisture levels at a healthy rate which will help you avoid mold and mildew problem.

Bathroom Lighting Guide

Lighting should be a priority in your bathroom. Having appropriate lighting in your bathroom will increase the functionality of the space and has a big impact on the mood in the space as well. Consider having a dimmer installed so that you can dim those lights as you enjoy a nice hot bath.

Best Bathroom Flooring

It is important that you make the shower a safe place with the right shower floor. Choosing a small textured floor like a small tile floor is a great, easy to maintain option. You can pull from the other colors that you are using throughout the bathroom to find a unique tile that will complement the style that you have chosen.

If you are getting ready to start a bathroom remodel, Future Vision Remodeling will make sure that all of your must haves are included in the project. We will work with you to ensure your bathroom remodel is completed using only the highest quality craftsmanship. Call us today to get started on your remodel.