Bathroom Trends: Luxury, Nature, And Serenity

Bathroom Trends: Luxury, Nature, And Serenity

Quickly catching up to the ever popular kitchen renovation, bathrooms are the next best place to splurge on a little comfort for your home. Updating your bathroom can add major value to your home as well as the quality of your life with the current trends. Fortunate for you, the desired bathroom is no longer confined to four walls and plumbing that works. No, no. More and more homeowners are turning their thoughts to creating a space that doesn't just serve its purpose, but also affords the user a little bit of luxury. Between spa elements and natural building materials, there's an array of things you can do to turn your bathroom into a peaceful haven, whether it's a small en suite or the master bath, these are the hottest trends in bathroom design.

Natural Materials

Perhaps it's the ever pressing issue of protecting our planet mixed with the grinding gig economy, but there's a strong pull towards a reconnection with nature. Natural building materials are popular in any room, but the bathroom in particular is the perfect place for this trend. Whether it's a mixture of marble and wood, floor to ceiling cement for an industrial look, or adding splashes of nature with plants and greenery, such as sleek bamboo stalks, you can't go wrong with nature.

Art Deco

The roaring twenties are making a bit of a comeback (just in time for their centennial) in the interior design world. There's no better place to use this flapper flair than in the bathroom. Exposed brass or copper plumbing, white and black subway tiles, a claw foot tub and gilded mirrors evoke the spirit of Gatsby himself. Classy and sophisticated, you'll love escaping into this paradise from the past.

Bold Pieces

Statement art is another major trend that creates a stunning effect from the living room to your bedroom, and the bathroom is no exception. Even in the smaller spaces of your en suite, using bold accents can really make your water closet shine. Especially in the small bathroom, large floral print wallpaper on one wall with an equally bold vanity and mirror combine to showcase gorgeous colors and style. You can even have a little extra fun by picking a non-traditional piece for your sink and cabinets, such as a repurposed vintage hutch. If you prefer to keep things neutral, let the artwork do all the talking against a beautiful blush pink palette.

Creative Lighting

This can include such jewels as fixtures featuring Edison bulbs with a modern twist, or a sky light. Get clever with how you use and implement lighting. Nothing beats natural lighting. Instead of mounting your mirror to a wall, grab a stand-alone piece, and set it and your sink against the exterior wall with a window to provide the light for your face. If your aim is a serene spa feel, nix the garish light of regular old LED bulbs and opt for a softer light to help melt away the stresses of your day.