Best Dark Themed Backdrops For Living Rooms

Best Dark Themed Backdrops For Living Rooms

Best Dark Themed Backdrops For Living Rooms

If you are a dark colors fan, it’s time to say goodbye to boring white walls and creme-colored furnishings. Here are some of the best dark-themed backdrop ideas for your living room, complying with your love for colors and dark themes. So there is no need to stick with the centuries-old and boring trends of black and white; make some way for greens, blues, mustards, purples, greys, and browns in your life too.

The trend of dark-themed living rooms is only continuing to make its way up in the 21st century home remodeling trends. In 2022, we have come way ahead of dark-themed color backdrops only reserved for old houses with high ceilings. Colors like dark green, blue, grey, brown, purple, or other dark hues can make a room look dramatic and add that extra depth.

So we have pulled together some of the most marvelous dark-themed living room backdrop ideas to give you some inspiration for your new home remodeling.

  • Dark Petrol Blue for All Walls

Backdrops do not have to be for a single wall, does it? Check out this dark petrol blue look for all living room walls that adds depth to the room and creates the illusion of high walls. We have come far from the old neutral-colored ceilings for that high ceiling look, but who knew matching wall and ceiling colors could achieve the same aim?

  • Silver Dark Grey Reflects the Light

You must have seen the classic dark grey look, but have you ever seen a silver grey living room backdrop to let the light shine in your area. This grey with silver shades adds a fresh, glossy, and stylish look like never seen before. For that dark-colored theme to complete the room, don’t forget to add brown furniture to add some softness to the shining and edgy living room. Grey and brown go way back in their partnership in alleviating the look of spaces.

  • Some Patterns Play

Check out some pattern play in this dark blue living room; how marvelous, isn’t it? You can play around with some patterns and add a whole new style to the room despite keeping a whole monochrome color palette throughout the room. There will be no boredom with these patterns that add a relaxed and eclectic feel to a space. This blue color pattern is best for adding drama to the room.

  • A Blend of Rich and Deep Tones

We are not all blues and greys; many other rich hues can create the same depth and drama in spaces. The plum carpet shades and the deep burgundy shade added to the ceiling are perfect examples of a blend of deep and rich tones in a single space. This is a quirky, cozy, eclectic touch to the space. Different deep and rich colors can be blended in a single space to give it a dramatic and edgy look like never before. In the end, it comes down to how well you can play with colors.

Wrapping Up

You can use any of the inspirations mentioned above or ideas in your living room remodeling or a design and inspiration of your own. If you are a dark room aesthetic lover and dig dark colors, these inspirations with the colors of your choice for some moderation can make your dreams come true.