Bold Ideas for the Bedroom

Bold Ideas for the Bedroom

The most personal space in a home is the one that not many guests are privy to see. The bedroom. Your sleeping sanctuary, personal dressing room, quiet corner when you need space, and dedicated dwelling for when you embrace. As they say, “where the magic happens.” So in this magical nest, we should give it the attention it so clearly demands, what with all that it offers us throughout the day and throughout our lives. A bedroom should feel like refuge when you step inside. It's the physical and visual representation of how you want to feel inside, when all is well.

Below you will find some original ideas for bedroom design and decor that will inspire you to want to make your own bedroom special and personalized. Whether you're wild and colorful, or muted and simplistic, there's a lot you can do to improve the space, even if it’s just a little.

Add Texture

We're starting to see a lot of texture showing up where we used to think it didn't belong. Brick and stone accent walls, wicker accessories, vinyl and leather chairs, etc; lots of stuff you'd see in other parts of the home. The new rules are, you can do whatever you want, as long as things are copacetic and serve a purpose, while also making you feel good. As long as the sheets are soft and the blankets plush, a little hardware never hurts here and there.

V is for Vanity

If you have the space, why not designate a little corner for a beautiful vanity, with some old-world charm? Sure, you can do all things hair and makeup in the bathroom, but you can also sit comfortably at a beautiful vanity and take your time, get out of the steamed and damp bathroom and lounge while you doll up.

Make it Float

Leonardo da Vinci says, “Simplicity is the art of sophistication.” If you want to have a modern look and clutter free atmosphere, try wall built-ins for nightstands and minimalist lighting fixtures. Not only is it a sleek and clean look, but it's a real space saver for a smaller bedroom

Behold, and Be Bold

The whole point of this piece is to encourage you to be bold in your design choices for your bedroom. While most bedrooms will have a light and calming color palette, this go-to isn't always for everyone. If you're the type who's not scared to take chances with color and bring your own idea of calm to life, go ahead and do it. Paint that wall black, slap on that multicolored wallpaper, throw in the jewel toned velvet love seat. Create the vision of your own private sanctuary.