Create A Cozy Living Space

Create A Cozy Living Space

Living rooms are a beautiful thing if you really stop to think about it. There are so many possibilities when it comes to what type of space you want to curate. With rooms like the bathroom or kitchen there are obvious features and necessities that will dictate most of what your design choices. But with the living room, you have the opportunity to craft a space that can be anything. A room for study, meditation, entertainment, or simply relaxing. Because they lack a specific function, like a bathroom or the kitchen, they're often the last to be considered for an upgrade. But they also present the most fun for a makeover because you can make it over into whatever you want. For some inspiration, here are the top design trends for living rooms.


For some, there's a certain peace and tranquility that comes with a minimalist approach to living room designs. On the one hand, there's typically less clutter and commotion in each individual detail that creates a unified, sleek space. The best way to stick to minimalism is with natural resources like wood, brass, marble, leather, etc. Even if you're playing on a black and white scale, the brown natural wood colors will still come together in harmony with the rest.

It's also important to remember to embrace texture when keeping it simple. Simple doesn't mean boring. Everything has a texture – whether visual or visceral – and keeping textures front and center in your design mind will serve up some much needed drama, without overstimulating the senses or complicating the overall design aesthetic.


Rustic and chic, the boho vibes are all about bold prints and patterns. Quite the opposite of minimalism. If you thought textures reigned supreme for the minimalist, this is a whole other can of worms waiting to be opened. You don't just have the textures to play with either, but color as well. Eclectic parings like bold, floral wallpaper with a velvet couch covered in mix-matched pillows and throws, a bold area rug, and quirky, artisan coffee table to tie it together brings out the wild spirit of the bohemian.

For the Boho appeal, it's less about matching and more about complimenting. Sometimes what you think doesn't “go together” actually makes each element pop even more while feeling cohesive at the same time.

Retro Gold

We weren't kidding when we mentioned a velvet sofa in your living space. Velvet is making a major comeback, as is the retro color palette with mustard yellows/golds, olive greens, and cool blues. Keep your furniture simple in texture, mixing and matching colors, and let loose with your artwork and fixtures in intense geometric shapes and designs.

Finish your throwback room with a solid set of speakers, record player, and your classic collection of records stored cleverly on the walls, or in a sleek wood hutch between your tower speakers. Glass, globe light shades hanging from the ceiling will finish off this funky 70s haven.

Be Bold

Whatever you choose to do with your living room, be bold doing it. 2019 is about making a statement. Artwork, furniture, texture, color, pattern and print are all at your disposal to cultivate a room that's cozy, functions as you want it, and suits you to a T.