Designer Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Sunnyvale, CA; Vintage Look Appliance Upgrades & More

Designer Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Sunnyvale, CA; Vintage Look Appliance Upgrades & More

One of the most popular places to start remodeling the home is in the kitchen. Kitchens are often called the heart of the home. As there are common trends which make kitchens less unique, there are still ways to redesign your home’s kitchen to add your own personality and create the kitchen you want. When seeking ways to remodel your home’s kitchen and you want a personalized touch; turn to Future Vision Remodeling. Today we will share a few recommendations on how you can personalize your kitchen.

Replace Kitchen Cabinets

When remodeling your home’s kitchen, one way to add your own personality is by replacing the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets come in a wide variety along with your various hardware options. The design of the cabinet doors, hardware, and color of the cabinets allows the homeowner to put their own personality into the kitchen. Modern cabinet systems also help to make the kitchen more functional, especially for those who love to cook. You can also have glass door cabinets or solid door variations. Each type of door has their own unique design. When looking for ways to add your own personality to your kitchen, you can't go wrong by starting with the cabinets.

Vintage or Retro Kitchen Appliance Upgrades

There is a major desire for antique and vintage style kitchens. Just as the cabinets can match any theme, one of the best ways to achieve vintage or antique (or better known as rustic) kitchens, is by putting in unique appliances. You can find rustic or vintage style appliances that still function like modern appliances. For those who want a country cottage style kitchen or even a Euro vintage style, consider seeking these unique appliances. This is another way to add your own personality to your kitchen for those with a love of cultural history.

Statement Kitchen Light Fixtures

Lighting is essential in the kitchen as meals are prepared all throughout the day and evening hours. You can add interest to certain areas in the kitchen with the right lighting effect. Glass door cabinets pair well with accent lighting installed inside to show off your china and cookware. You can also install lights underneath the cabinets which enhances lighting when cooking. Light fixtures can help accent some of your favorite features in the kitchen. Additionally, light fixtures come in a wide variety of designs to help suit different themes to match your kitchen.

When remodeling your home’s kitchen, it is important to add your own personality and interest. There are many features you can add to a kitchen such as a fire brick oven, enclosed trash and recycling, specialized storage, coffee bar, walk in pantry and much more. Another major consideration is the countertops. There are a ton of great countertop materials that can create your own personal touch. Countertops can come in natural stone, tile, concrete, stainless steel, and even wood. The way you design your countertops adds your own taste and desired look for how you want your cooking area to appear and function. When redesigning your home’s kitchen, contact Future Vision Remodeling for lots of possible features you may not even be aware of!