Fireplace Facelift in Saratoga, CA; Mantle & Hearth Focal Point Surround Ideas, Fire Glass & More

Fireplace Facelift in Saratoga, CA; Mantle & Hearth Focal Point Surround Ideas, Fire Glass & More

In many high end homes, there are one or more fireplaces, however, too often the fireplace is a featured accessory that deserves a facelift. Where many of us use fireplaces to set the mood for warmth, or simply a cozy atmosphere, the fireplace is a large, artistic, elegant focal point that gets noticed. When the fireplace falls short of the aesthetics, it can stand an updated enhancement to fit the dynamics of the rest of the home. Whether your fireplace is looking deteriorated or outdated, we at Future Vision Remodeling, Inc would like to share a few tips and suggestions that will improve the overall look of the room and fireplace's look.

Fireplace Mantle Design Ideas

In the event you are remodeling the surrounding area and/or the hearth, consider a new fireplace mantle. To emphasize the luxury of the fireplace, add a small shelf that blends into your new surrounding materials or even a chunky floating wood mantle. To draw more attention to the display, be sure to dress up the mantle with tasteful and classy decorative items.

Fireplace Surround Ideas

Should you want to leave the architectural design alone for your fireplace, but feel it needs something, consider updating the fireplace surroundings. There are a host of options to completely transform the fireplace by changing the surroundings. For instance, while still enjoying the classic look of the fireplace enhance it with beautiful surroundings with exposed or finished brick, classic tile, shiplap, custom plaster, or cast concrete surround. Select visually striking options through the patterns, colors, and textures that is not needed in the rest of the room to make the fireplace the room's accent piece.

Gas Fireplace Burner or Fire Glass

If you are working with a gas fireplace, replacing the burner is a simple way to completely change the style of the fireplace, especially if you do not want to alter the structural design. To help create a contemporary atmosphere, you can transition the otherwise traditional setup fireplace by covering it with a faux wood option. Installing a metal gas burner along with some fire glass is an exceptional approach to add a touch of transitional design.

Hearth Focal Point

Giving the fireplace more attraction, investing in a new hearth can significantly help achieve a new look. For more family bonding or beautifying features, add seating around the hearth. Investing in a new hearth that even doubles as a bench can be ideal or simply update the finish. With the help of elegant throw pillows, or trendy throw blankets, the area can be the perfect retreat in your luxury home.

To help you design and execute the perfect remodel for your fireplace, you need to employ a reputable company to do the work with fine craftsmanship and abilities and use quality materials, no matter how you decide to remodel the fireplace. Call Future Vision Remodeling, Inc and let our qualified artisans help improve the look of your fireplace and perfect your luxury home.