Go Big Or Go Home: Master Bedroom Suites

Go Big Or Go Home: Master Bedroom Suites

It isn't the first place your mind goes to when thinking about potential home improvement projects, the bedroom. Really, what more could you need than space for a bed and your clothes? It's not like you have to think of traffic patterns and routes. This is your space. Your own personal haven of solitude where you rest your eyes every night. That's exactly the reason you might want to reconsider the option to invest in your master bedroom. You're queen of your castle. Indulge in a little luxury for yourself, for goodness' sake. If you're going to redo your bedroom, go all out and spring for a master bedroom suite.

A Master Suite? Yes, a master suite. What does one do with a master suite? Think of a hotel suite. A sitting area, mini bar, private bath, and luxuriously huge bed. Swap that mini bar for a walk-in closet and you have the perfect master suite.

Seating Area

We're not suggesting you plop a giant sectional down in your bedroom. But in that extra space a small loveseat and tv is the perfect place to relax and catch up on your favorite shows without interrupting your sleep. People who keep their tvs adjacent to their beds have a harder time falling and staying asleep.

If tv doesn't have a place in your bedroom, carve out a little space for reading. The perfect comfy chair and a built-in bookcase is all you need for a reading nook. Meditation more your thing? Throw down a plush rug, your favorite slouchy pillows and a water fountain and you'll be meditating away the stress in no time.

Walk-In Closet

Men, listen up. All women want a walk-in closet. Even if they say they don't, they do. Rather than put up a few walls and a hanging bar, get creative with your storage. Building drawers and shelves that are customized to fit your needs is all you need to say ‘I Love You'. The walk-in closet can be located in the bedroom, or through the bathroom.

Private Bathroom

It doesn't need to be massive with fountains and jacuzzi tub. That would be great! But you can still do a lot with just a little. Instead of a shower/bath combo, a nice walk-in shower with a built-in bench along the wall is the perfect amount of luxury without sacrificing too much space. The open nature of the shower will open up even the smallest of spaces. If you crave more relaxation, less utility, opt for a claw-foot tub with exposed pipes. Bathrooms aren't just for washing up anymore. Lean in to the suite life and fashion a master bathroom that feels like a real escape from your hectic life.

More and more these days, people are wanting more than just shelter, in the traditional sense, from their home. It's more like we crave sanctuary. A master bedroom suite increases not only the value of your home, but the quality of your life.