Green Remodel Ideas in West Menlo Park, CA; Solar Power, Skylights, Eco Friendly Materials & More

Green Remodel Ideas in West Menlo Park, CA; Solar Power, Skylights, Eco Friendly Materials & More

Are you among the number of growing homeowners who are remodeling their home to fit a "Greener" life style? Green home remodeling is growing ever more popular and is even being encouraged. If your home is in need of a little remodeling and you want to move toward a greener style of living, Future Vision Remodeling will share a few ways you can go green and have a more environmentally friendly home and life style.

Solar Power

For those want to live a greener life style, one of the best ways to help the environment is by investing in solar power. California produces more natural solar energy than any other state in America. Our geographical location is optimal for solar energy. You can move from public energy completely and independently, and remove your carbon foot print completely. For those seeking remodeling or additions to their home for a greener life style, solar energy is a great place to start.

Low Flow Faucets

It is no secret that California has been in an extended drought. Due to this major issue, installing low flow faucets are strongly encouraged. For those who want to help in reserving water, shower and sink faucets can be exchanged with low flow faucets that help control the amount of water the household uses. Another consideration is installing conservation devices in plumbing such as toilets, sink faucets, and shower heads.

Smart Homes Technology

When people hear smart home technology, they don’t usually think green. However, modern technology isn’t just for convenience, but to help energy consumption as well. Smart homes can help make for a greener home. With a smart thermostat you can better control your home’s HVAC system and reduce energy consumption. Smart lighting system can also reduce the amount of light used such as motion detecting lights, which not only help reduce power usage but works as a good alert system. Other appliances and electrical equipment are better controlled with smart technology that essentially reduces energy and water waste.

Skylights & Sun Tunnels

Another green remodeling consideration is installing skylights or sun tunnels in your home. Skylights and sun tunnels provide the light of the sun and bring it right into your home. This reduces the light usage during the day completely. Skylights are often used in kitchens and living rooms. Sun tunnels are most often used in closets, bathrooms and the laundry room. Sometimes sun tunnels can use in basements to help provide light to the darkest places within the home.

Eco-Friendly Building Material

There are a number of Eco-friendly flooring options that look beautiful. They are often made from recycled materials, including wood. Your home's floor can help reduce natural resource consumption. There are also recycled countertops, back splashes and wall siding that fall under Eco-friendly materials that help reduce the consumption of natural resources.

If we humans can help reduce the consumption of natural resources such as wood and water, and turn to natural energy, we can help improve our environment such as not putting our carbon footprints on the environment. Moving toward green home remodeling can benefit our environment as well as the way we live. To begin your green home remodeling, contact Future Vision Remodeling today!