Home Addition Ideas in Pacifica, CA; Room Bump Out, Accessory Dwelling Unit, Adding a Second Story & More

Home Addition Ideas in Pacifica, CA; Room Bump Out, Accessory Dwelling Unit, Adding a Second Story & More

When it comes to your home one of the most important considerations is location and just like millions of other Americans you are probably very much in love with your current neighborhood. The amenities, schools and even your commute back and forth to work is perfect yet you find yourself submerged in the same dilemma that many family's face – your space requirements have changed due to a growing family, or a hundred other reasons and you don't want to have to move into a new home. According to the knowledgeable experts at Future Vision Remodeling, there is a simple solution that will give you the best of both worlds by allowing you to continue living in your current home while giving you the extra living space you desire.

Bump Out Room Addition Onto the Back of Your House

One of the most common and cost effective ways to add extra living space is to add to the back of the house. This works especially well in older homes for example when adding a kitchen or family room. One of the many benefits of a room addition is that it will allow you to connect to your yard and can be extended further into an outdoor area complete with a seating and an outdoor cooking area. Other advantages include switching up building materials for example incorporating stone or natural wood elements into your design. Your Future Vision Remodeling team will help you express your ideas and creativity to visualize and build a space that is truly unique and one of a kind.

Accessory Dwelling Unit

For many growing families a simple room addition may not be quite what you are hoping for. Instead you may want to go big by building out from your existing structure. Future Vision Remodeling can help you design a standalone structure that will complement the original design of your home. But why stop at one? If your property is large enough, your design team can incorporate a series of connected rooms that increase your living area into a functional and beautiful space.

Adding a Second Story to Your Ranch or Other Style House

If your lot is small, adding space horizontally may not be a viable option. Instead you can add space vertically to get the extra room you need. If you own a Ranch style home for example, building up is a cost effective way to get the biggest bang out of your every buck. Building a second story will also allow you to add to the design of the existing level by incorporating a stair case and opening up your existing floor plan. You will also receive the benefit of adding to the value of your property both in terms of added space and curb appeal.

To learn more about whole home remodeling, room additions, kitchen & bathroom remodeling and much more for your Greater San Jose or Los Angeles, California home, contact the knowledgeable experts at Future Vision Remodeling today.