How can I customize my walk-in closet in San Carlos, CA to Maximize Hanging & Storage Space & More

How can I customize my walk-in closet in San Carlos, CA to Maximize Hanging & Storage Space & More

The two most common rooms that are remodeled are the master bathroom and the kitchen. Most remodels are done to make cooking easier and the bathroom to replicate a mini-spa day. However, one of the most practical, yet glorious rooms to remodel, is the master bedroom's walk-in closet. Where some may opt to do other remodeling options, including the walk-in closet in your next remodel is well worth the effort. It benefits you in so many ways such as helping you be more organized and getting ready in the morning. Ensuring that everything has a place, clothing, shoes, accessories, and other items can be purposely designed into your customized walk-in closet. Considering this, we at Future Vision Remodeling would like to take the opportunity to share some ideas you may want to consider for you master walk-in closet.

Maximize Storage Space

Shelves, cabinetry, and other such options can make you more organized. From casual to seasonal, and formal, you want to consider the shoes and ensure you have plenty of space, especially if the collection grows.  To maximize the storage options, customize open shelves with multiple rows that extend the length of the wall.  If necessary, include a customized sliding wheel ladder or other booster to access beyond your heights and do not forget the shelving or cabinetry for other accessories you want to store in the closet.  

What Type of Lighting is Best for Closets?

The lighting design is essential for when you customize your hanging, shelfing, and cabinet storage. The goal is for the closet to be adequately lit. Such options include accent lighting on the shelves or cabinets or light up the center or corners. LED lights make a statement to the overall look of the closet and offer luxury, style and function.

Maximize Hanging Space in a Closet

Providing function as well as making the closet visually striking, customize your closet with dual hanging rods that offer a better solution to double the hanging space.   Wardrobes that have a number of separates can have more advantages with using the dual rods for organizing.  Glamorize the walk-in closet with wall of single rods at the perfect height dedicated to your extensive collection of long garments and have the double rods balance single rods to beautify the overall function and appearance of the closet.  

Turn a Spare Room into a Closet

Unless you were lucky enough to have the option with unique opportunity to have the architect design your home with a spacious walk-in closet in the master bedroom, you may be concerned where you can have a walk-in closet with a small - limited space. Transform a spare room that is not in use into an extravagant closet.  You have a plethora have options with this approach.

Add a Closet Island

Not exclusive to the kitchen the standalone work surfaces are not limited to a particular room and can be ideally used in the closet, providing you have the space. Included in your remodeled luxury walk-in closet, the custom-built island can include the drawer space, or display case you want for your accessories.

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