How Coronavirus is Reshaping Home Design & Remodeling in Los Altos, CA; Adding Bathrooms & More

How Coronavirus is Reshaping Home Design & Remodeling in Los Altos, CA; Adding Bathrooms & More

Affecting school, work, travel, and so much more, life has been significantly altered due to the coronavirus era. It has opened our eyes to home living and increasing the safe shelter for our family. COVID-19 is even influencing what people want from their home design. As we navigate through this time, people are considering future outbreaks and how to better endure any future shelter-at-home orders. Today, we at Future Vision Remodeling would like to offer a few features you should consider for you home remodel.

Adding Bathrooms

To help prevent the spread of a virus, a person infected should have their own bathroom, adding additional bathrooms to accommodate the family. Not only will adding a bathroom offer more convenience, but you can avoid the danger of sharing a bathroom with someone infected with a virus, or other ailments. Also, a half-bathroom or even just a sink right by a home’s entrance may become fairly standard with constantly washing the hands. In an attempt to get people to wash before entering the home, many people have renewed focus on sinks near front entrances. Additionally, installing a bathroom bidet is both a practical and aesthetic selection. With toilet paper shortages, many have recognized the usefulness of this fixture. A washlet is a seat fitted to an existing toilet that’s equipped with a spray nozzle that is also a consideration if you do not want the added fixture of bidet in your bathroom.

Front Entrance Mudroom

To cut back on grime and germs, removing shoes before entering the house has long been recommended. Even more people may start removing their shoes right as they enter a house as recent studies have found that the novel coronavirus can cling to shoes’ soles and then get tracked inside. Making the mudroom larger and complete with seating areas, cubbies and other commodities are becoming more appealing.

Walk In Kitchen Pantry

With many homeowners seeing the importance of food storage to reduce the number of visits to the grocery store, having plenty of room for non-perishables is essential. Having storage solutions like revolving shelves for canned goods to ensure you use older ones first is also helpful. As is adequate air-tight sealed containers to better preserve flour, sugar, rice, and other dry foods and ingredients. With more shelving and more space, you can be better prepared to store efficient supplies of food. Deep freezer chests are becoming an essential appliance to stock frozen foods. Making sure you have the option to stock extra frozen food can be better for your future preparations.

Semi Open Floor Plan

Where the open floor plan designs are likely never to disappear, having the kids home doing school, and possibly both parents working, having a better balance between private, semiprivate, and public spaces is becoming a need. Though you can have a general open floor plan, you still want to have a few separate areas where the family can have their own space to concentrate, be less distracted and interrupted to get their work done.

Hands Free Copper and Brass Fixtures

A return to copper and brass, which is a copper-zinc combo, for doorknobs and fixtures is due to many adapting to a new, more germ-conscious way of living. According to research, brass kills bacteria more effectively than stainless steel. Because both are naturally antimicrobial and corrosion-resistant, copper and brass are excellent metals for the home. Because of their inherent ability to kill germs and being best for its antimicrobial properties in addition to offering a rustic look over time, copper and bronze are a popular option. Hands-free Faucets, Switches, ETC. Voice-control features to operate windows, showers, thermostats, and sound systems as well as hands-free faucets, light switches, and door opener are an essential element to minimizing the spread of germs.

With so many things you can for your home, office, utilities, HVAC systems, and food storage options, you want to make sure the home remodel is done right. Call Future Vision Remodeling and let us help you design and let us you get you the dream home you desire.