How Do You Build a Movie Theatre / Cinema Room in YOur Millbrae, CA House?

How Do You Build a Movie Theatre / Cinema Room in YOur Millbrae, CA House?

You don't want the space you are building your theatre room in to be used for anything other than enjoying your favorite films. Avoid using the space for other forms of entertainment to make it truly feel like you are in a theatre. Don't allow the space to be open to the kitchenette area or any other game table areas to avoid taking away from the experience.

How Do You Light an Entertainment Theatre Room?

You aren't going to need much general lighting in your theatre space. If you have a space that doesn't have a lot of natural light coming through, or none at all, this will be the ideal place to put your theatre room. Consider putting your theatre room somewhere in the interior of your home that doesn't have any windows to take away from the light from the screen. Consider putting low light fixtures in the space as well to get the atmosphere that you are looking for.

Control the Ambient Sound in Film Screening Room

You will want to have control over the ambient sound coming into your theatre room as well. Try and avoid noises coming from the kitchen, kid's bedrooms, living spaces and other disruptions that could potentially take away from your movie watching. You can soundproof your theatre room to help with this and to help limit the amount of noise that is heard from the space in the rest of the house. You should also have solid doors on your theatre room as well to help with noise and sound.

Build a Space for the A/V Rack & Home Theater Components

Most home theatres won't want to have the A/V rack out in the open. You will need to make sure you have the electrical outlets and capabilities needed to run the system. This is done best when there is a closet somewhere in your theatre that allows you access to these controls but doesn't take away from the atmosphere.