How Do You Expand Living Space in North Fair Oaks, CA; Add Accessory Dwelling Unit, Room Addition & More

How Do You Expand Living Space in North Fair Oaks, CA; Add Accessory Dwelling Unit, Room Addition & More

When you are looking to make changes to your home there are several additions and upgrades you can make. You always want to look into what these changes are and how it will affect the value of your house. Some changes might not end up increasing or decreasing the value while others can end up sending the value soaring. One of the ways you can make a change to your home and increase the value is to convert or add a room or other additional living space such as an ADU (also called an accessory dwelling unit) that is used as a secondary housing space located on your property. You want to understand the different types of room additions, conversions and ADU options and what each can bring to your home. You also want to have a professional research the codes and the permits that might be needed. There are some areas that have restrictions to the types of dwellings that you can build so a professional can help walk you through. Future Vision Remodeling outlines the different types of home additions and conversions available to you.

Accessory Dwelling Unit

One of the ways homeowners choose to increase their living space is a detached new build. This is the type of dwelling that will maximize the usage. There are many reasons that someone might want to have an ADU built on their property. One reason is if you have an elderly parent or grandparent that needs a place to stay but you want them to still have some freedom and space. Another great reason to have a detached new build is if you plan on increasing your monthly income by renting the space out. You can enjoy the increase while still keeping your life and theirs separate. Some parents want to have a place for their newly aged adult children to start off life and gain some independence without breaking the bank. This type of dwelling is great and will work in all of these instances.

Add a Room Over the Garage

Another area that you can utilize that you might have overlooked is your garage. There are many homes that have a detached garage and over the top of it is space that can be used. This type of home addition is great because you can have it built off a structure that is already in place and often has the electrical that can be tied into. This is another dwelling that can have a separate entrance from the main house but has stairs so is not great for someone that has failing health or a disability that prevents them from getting up and down.

Garage or Attic Conversion

Another option you have to increase your living space is to convert an under-utilized are of your house and convert it. The most common areas that are being converted are attics, garages or basements if you are lucky enough to have one. These are areas that can be used as a secondary dwelling but you should be aware that the tenant does have easier access to the house. They are a simpler conversion because they plumbing as well as the electrical work is close by and easier to bring into the space if needed.

Future Vision Remodeling can come to your home to set up a plan to build an ADU or undertake a room addition or conversion to increase the value of your home, living space and possibly even your income. Call today!