How to Choose Bathroom Countertops

How to Choose Bathroom Countertops

How to Choose Bathroom Countertops

How to Choose Bathroom Countertops | Future Vision Remodeling

Looking to replace your bathroom countertops? Check out this guide for everything you need to know before purchasing your new bathroom countertop materials.

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When it comes to remodeling your home, you can’t forget everyone’s favorite oasis – the bathroom.

As you ponder the renovation process, don’t forget to think about what type of bathroom countertops you’ll want to add in this sacred space.

At Future Vision Remodeling, our renovation professionals help you update your space according to your needs and wants. Read on to learn how to choose the right countertops for your bathroom to transform it into a gorgeous space you’ll love.

Factors to Consider for Bathroom Countertops

Before you make a commitment to your new countertops, there are plenty of important factors to consider.


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First and foremost, look at the size of your bathroom and how your sink is laid out.

If you have a large master suite, you may need to install a long, large vanity that will require more materials than a powder room. Measure the size of the countertops so you have an idea of how much square footage you’ll need to install.


After you think about the size of the bathroom, don’t forget to draft a budget. If you have money to spare, you might want to install a solid surface counter like granite or quartz. On the other hand, a smaller budget may require something less expensive like laminate or vinyl.

Amount of Time

Consider the amount of time it will take to have your bathroom remodeled. If you only have one bathroom in the home, it’s best to try and get the job done in one day or less if you can.


You will also need to ponder your desired aesthetic for the bathroom. Whether you’re going for a glam, rustic, or contemporary look, the material and color you choose for the bathroom countertops will hinge on your favorite style.

Sink Style

Another important factor is the style of the sink. Some sinks are under-mount while others sit on top of your counters. Bathroom sinks also come in a wide array of shapes that range from oval and circular to a square silhouette.


The durability of your new bathroom countertops is also crucial to a successful remodel. If you have storage cabinets above the counters, you might want to choose something that won’t easily dent or scratch if you drop something.

Research the materials available so you can determine which one will meet your durability needs. Use all of these factors to help you decide on the right bathroom countertop style, color, and material that will work best for you.

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Bathroom Countertop Materials

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Just like your kitchen, you’ll find bathroom counter materials in a wide range of styles.


Granite countertops will add a luxurious element to this space, and it comes in a myriad of attractive colors. Granite must be sealed occasionally to protect it from damage which means it’s a fairly high-maintenance material.


Quartz is a stunning material that adds instant beauty to your bathroom. This material is exceptionally durable so it can handle heavy use. You’ll find quartz in an array of colors, styles, and patterns to give your bathroom countertops a custom look.


Laminate is less expensive than stone, and it also comes in an endless array of patterns and color choices. A thin plastic layer adheres over particle board or another sturdy base. When it comes to practicality, laminate is a good option but it can also easily become damaged over time.


For a custom touch, consider tile for your bathroom countertops. You’ll find tiles made of almost anything ranging from ceramic to natural stone. A downside of tile is that there will be grout lines, which means you’ll want to seal them and clean them on a regular basis.


Wood can be beautiful in your bathroom, but it’s also extremely susceptible to water damage. Make sure you apply a quality surface sealant if you opt to install wood bathroom countertops.

Bathroom Countertop Styles

As you design your new bathroom, there’s no shortage of countertop shapes and styles to choose from.


L-shaped counters work well in larger bathrooms and can give you two separate sinks, which is a great option for couples.


You’ll want your bathroom counters to be flat, but you can enhance the look by choosing rounded or beveled edges. Flat counters can hold your soaps and toiletries securely so you can prep and get ready with ease.

Floating Vanity

A floating vanity adds a modern touch to any bathroom and features a unique wall-mounted design. These vanities are an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms since they can make the room appear larger and give you extra storage underneath.


For a luxe touch, consider a bathroom counter with a rounded silhouette. The counters can protrude outward in an oval or circular shape to add a curvaceous element to your bathroom.

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Types of Treated Edges

The edges of your bathroom countertops can vary depending on the manufacturer and the installer. You can choose a custom edge if you want to give the counters some style and personality.

A few examples of countertop edges include beveled and bullnose. These edges have a nice, smooth and rounded look that gives the bathroom an elegant touch.

If you prefer something a bit more modern, try treated edges in a simple crescent or chiseled shape. For an edge that has an artistic vibe, look for ogee edges that add a fun touch to your countertops.

Choose the best bathroom countertops with Future Vision Remodeling

Breathe New Life Into Your Bathroom

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With so many designs and materials to choose from, finding the perfect bathroom countertops can be a challenge. Use this guide to help you decide which counters will work for your home.

From solid granite and quartz to tile or laminate, the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to factor in the layout, style, and edge finish to round out your new bathroom remodel.

If you’re in need of a home improvement or remodeling job, visit our website and contact us today for an estimate.