How to Make Your Room Appear Grand

How to Make Your Room Appear Grand

One of the greatest things about getting to decorate a home is decisions making for things such as furniture placement. Some people may have large rooms with not enough room furniture or too little room for anything. Having a smaller room is the bigger dilemma here because every nook and corner counts. The smaller the room, the less open and inviting it feels. You can change this with a few tips and tricks on giving your small space the illusion of a grand room.

Make the Most with Furniture Arrangement

The boldest pieces in a room are without doubt furniture, with that being said let's try to maximize the space we're working with. They make smart storage pieces of furniture such as benches that opens to storage, coffee tables that extend to become the perfect desk for working from home or built in's that allow for additional decor to sit on top leaving ample space for other furniture to occupy. Smart storage gives you a place to hide things you may use often such as the remote, candles, or books. Make sure there is enough floor space by placing large pieces of furniture against the wall and while having a good floor to ceiling ratio.

Curtains Can Hang Higher to The Ceiling

Curtains are lovely, they can add a touch of design, provide privacy, and block out glares from the sun. More than often, curtain lengths are not always the right fit so why not hang them a bit higher? Hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains not only eliminates the puddle of curtains on the ground, but this trick will also give an instant illusion of higher ceilings. Hang the curtains higher in the living room, bedroom, or bedroom to elongate the height of the room and make it look taller. Your eyes instinctively look up at the top of where the curtains are so this is how floor to ceiling curtains make your room appear larger.

Natural Lighting Can Direct a Room

Give the curtains and blinds a break by opening them to allow for natural lighting to open up the space. Natural lighting can instantly make any small room feel bigger. You can even get creative by added new light fixtures to manipulate the room into appearing larger in addition to natural lighting. If you still want that natural light without the glare, try sheer curtains that will provide the right amount of exposure without being too overpowering. Natural lighting can emphasize and pour so much into any given space.

Intuitively Placed Wall Mirrors

Have you ever been to a restaurant or hotel where there seems to be mirrors placed everywhere? Well, there's a good reason for that, well-placed mirrors that are hung strategically can trick and give the illusion of more depth to the same. In addition to adding more depth, natural lighting can reflect off the mirrors and bring in more sunshine. A few good areas to place a mirror are above the console table, above the headboard, or above the mantle.