Kitchen Design Rules to Break in El Granada, CA; Triangle Rule, Mismatched Color Appliances & More

Kitchen Design Rules to Break in El Granada, CA; Triangle Rule, Mismatched Color Appliances & More

A common goal for most homeowners is to customize your kitchen and remodel it according to your preferences, even if you do not fancy yourself a gourmet chef. Once you are in a position to get the remodel underway, many people will take the time to research possibilities for their kitchen to get ideas on what they want from their kitchen remodel. Along the way, people may run into a list of general rules or guidelines to follow as you undertake a kitchen remodeling. Today, we at Future Vision Remodeling would like to tell how you can break these rules if it doesn't fit the way you want your kitchen remodeled.

Neutral Colors in Kitchen

The use of neutral colors in the kitchen is one of the rules. But it is not a law by any means. If you want your kitchen more visually striking and prefer deep red or emerald cabinets, or simply want the kitchen in primarily neutral colors, add an accent wall of your favorite color. Be sure to paint the walls in your remodel to your tastes, as well as the cabinets and other colors of the appliances, flooring, and countertops. Just be sure the color scheme is cohesive.

What is the Kitchen Triangle Rule?

Since the beginning of time, the kitchen triangle rule has been suggested. It has been so long that many do not even know the origins. The kitchen triangle is the space connecting the sink, refrigerator and stove. This is not a law bestowed upon the people from the kitchen gods, but for some it makes sense. When remodeling the layout of the kitchen, just be sure to do what is right for your dynamics and routine.

Is it OK if Kitchen Appliances & Fixtures Don’t Match?

For some, having everything match is favored, to others the over matched display loses visual interest in your kitchen, making it feel sterile and cold. You can do many things to breakup the mundane style. You can make the kitchen look stunning in a variety of ways, for starters, consider what you want as the focal point, whether if it is the cabinets, island, an accent wall, or even a light fixture. Simply have a bold color of to enhance the focal point. The hardware such as knobs and pulls can be enough for you, and they can be changed easy down the line if you want a subtle change. Just remember your kitchen, your tastes, and your preferences.

These are the common rules you may run into. Where there are many guidelines to apply for your kitchen remodel, ultimately, you can apply the guidelines that are better for you and bend or break the other rules. Talk with your contractor about your preferences. In the end, Future Vision Remodeling is your leading expert to help you design and construct your kitchen remodeling project. We can discuss your storage options, upgrades and updates to make the kitchen flow better while still looking gorgeous. Call Future Vision Remodeling to schedule your consultation.