Kitchen Design Trends in 2020 in Los Altos Hills, CA; Bold Cabinets, Gold Hardware, Large Islands & More

Kitchen Design Trends in 2020 in Los Altos Hills, CA; Bold Cabinets, Gold Hardware, Large Islands & More

When it comes to remodeling your home, there are many details and planning needed to ensure the overall product is the dream home you envisioned. There are many facets to a remodeling, whether you do a single room or the whole house. Where planning colors, materials, and design space is a major point, there are quite a few details to decide on. To help you with your luxury home remodel, we at Future Vision Remodeling would like to share a few of the trending designs.

Bold Kitchen Cabinets

A few of the strikingly beautiful color choices for cabinetry this year include black, charcoal, navy and blue. Being a rather daring choice, choosing a statement color for cabinetry is an exciting trend that continues to be more and more popular.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash

Tying together any kitchen's look, a tile backsplash is modern yet timeless. With the assortment of shapes, colors and sizes of tile to choose from. Your kitchen design dreams can be easily done with customizing the backsplash.

Gold Kitchen Hardware Trend

That regal look and feel of gold you loved is back in style. To implement just the right amount of class to any modern design, a touch of gold hardware foes a long way.

Clean Lines in Kitchen

Reminding us that less is more, open spaces with clean lines are a simplistic nature of a design. Crafting with clean lines offers a breath of fresh air when walking into a room.

Natural Stone Countertops

Offering a cool edge or to warm up the look of a kitchen, the earthy look of a natural stone countertop is extremely versatile.

Choosing interesting shapes in light fixtures that provide great lighting to your space is the perfect method to draw in wanted attention to any room. To offer eye-striking details and in a conversation piece, you can find countless uniquely designed lights for any room.

Open Shelving in Kitchen

One of the most refreshing feelings is walking into a kitchen with open shelving. It's functional and simplistic. You can further add to the décor in the kitchen with your best glassware on display as well as beautiful greenery like a gorgeous succulent or other plant favorites.

Large Kitchen Islands

With these incredibly versatile kitchen centerpieces, bigger is often better, but you have to take the space into account. They provide space to gather and entertain as well as giving you the freedom to work in your kitchen with an abundance of room in addition to extra storage space.

Kitchen Pot Filler Installation

Though pot fillers are not an original new trend, it is a classic idea that you do not see too often, but with this rising trend, more and more people are taking advantage of its design. Especially for those of you who do a lot of cooking, the pot fillers are undeniably cool and actually super helpful as a tool in the kitchen.

No matter if you have your own designs in mind or want to implement a design trend in your next kitchen or other remodel in Greater San Jose, California, Future Vision Remodeling can help your luxury home become your dream home. Call us today to schedule a consultation.