Kitchen Remodel Lite: Updating Your Kitchen While Saving Money

Kitchen Remodel Lite: Updating Your Kitchen While Saving Money

One of the biggest changes we can make to our homes is updating and remodeling the kitchen. Other rooms in the home might not need as much tending to, as a new coat of paint to the walls or removal of a popcorn ceiling is fairly easy and and affordable; and usually, some new pieces of furniture will update up the look rather surprisingly. But in the kitchen, where most of the aspects are bolted down and permanently fixed, it could be a little more involved to get a fresh new look. We know that a full-blown kitchen renovation can add up and be a sizable investment. With possibilities of cabinetry reconstruction, addition of an island, backsplash, countertops, flooring, and finishes, the numbers can really add up quickly — on average, a typical kitchen remodel can cost anywhere from $12,000 – $35,000, and even more lavish ones can be $50k or more!

So what if you want to make changes to an outdated kitchen that you can't bear to look at anymore, but don't have the chunk of change to take a deep-dive into a full-blown demolition? We've got some creative ideas and tips that can help you with achieving a desirable new look while keeping your bank account intact.

First off, we still recommend you consider hiring a professional to help you with design decisions and a plan of action. Working with a professional can potentially save you from making mistakes that will cost you in the long run, and will greatly de-stress the whole process. Also, having the work professionally done is always advised, unless you're a natural Bob Vila and can truly handle it yourself! So let's take a look at some rather simple “facelift” methods for a new look to your kitchen:

Keep the Cabinets

One of the biggest expenses in a kitchen remodel is getting new cabinetry. If your cabinets are already decent and in good condition, there's no need to remove and reinstall. All you need to do is liven them up with a fresh coat of paint; and a lot of our designers recommend white to get an instant new look that makes the space feel larger and more modern. You should know that you can't just paint right over the cabinets, they need to be primed and prepared beforehand, and it's also recommended to use a high quality semi-gloss paint. Swapping out old hardware for newer ones in tones like gold and copper, or more bold with black, is also a great option for making your cabinets look brand new. Another aesthetic that we've done a lot is the two toned look. Layering neutrals on top and color on the bottom is a top 2020 trend.

Sleek Subway Tile

As luck would have it, one of the most popular trends in backsplash choices at the moment is the most affordable, too. Subway tile has made a big comeback, and the classic look is all the rage in kitchen remodeling. There are different color and finishing options as well, so you can be a purist with a traditional white, or opt for a different tone or glass tile to give your kitchen some flare and a glossy look.

Fabulous Prefabricated Island

The kitchen island is usually the hub of the kitchen. It's a multi-purpose feature, offering surface space for food preparation, storage, and a place for family and friends to gather around and enjoy a meal or some drinks together. If you don't have a kitchen island and want one, you're looking at an average cost ranging from about $3,000 to $10,000 or more for a custom-built island. The alternative is a ready-made island, which can run as low as $100 and up to $2,000, depending on the size, materials and features.

We hope these handful of suggestions for a kitchen upgrade without a hefty price tag are helpful and inspiring for you. Now let's eat!