Luxury Bathroom Remodel Designs for Dry & Wet Areas in San Mateo, CA; Walk In Shower, Soaking Bathtub & More

Luxury Bathroom Remodel Designs for Dry & Wet Areas in San Mateo, CA; Walk In Shower, Soaking Bathtub & More

When planning a bathroom remodel, there are a number of key areas you will want to focus on, one being the wet areas. With the proper design and materials the wet areas of the bathroom can enhance the look of the entire bathroom. As the bathroom is a key feature in every home and one that is used every day, it is important you enjoy your bathroom. When remodeling your bathroom, Future Vision Remodeling would like to share a few suggestion on enhancing the wet areas of your bathrooms.

Separate Shower & Bathtub

As stated, when remodeling a bathroom there are a number of areas you will be focusing on, one being the wet areas. The wet area encompasses the bathtub and shower. Depending on the design of the bathroom, you can have a separate shower and bathtub or a combination of the two. As the bathtub and shower areas are exposed to heavy amounts of water, they are often designated as the wet areas. The wet areas must take the highest level of precaution when being remodeled as improper installation and design can result in water damage, mold and more.

Walk In Shower

When remodeling the wet area you will want to redesign them to fit your wants and needs. When remodeling a bathroom some people never change the layout of the bathroom. If permitted, it is recommended. Walk-in showers are a highlight of many households. For those with a combination bathtub and shower seeking change, you can change the design of the bathroom to have a walk-in shower. Walk-in showers are safer especially for the disabled and elderly. Walk-in showers can be designed with a shower bench and handrails. However, there are modern bathtubs that are designed to enhance safety if that is an element you are concerned with. There are walk-in bathtubs with a door that swing open removing the need to step into the bathtub. These walk-in bathtubs are designed to help the elderly and the disabled. Other ways to enhance safety in the wet areas particularly of the shower, is a non-slip flooring. There are many shower bases that have a non-slip feature that is still aesthetically pleasing.

Frameless Glass Enclosures & Freestanding Soaking Tub

When remodeling the wet areas enhancing safety should be a focus but so should the aesthetics. A bathroom and its wet areas are used every day and should be enjoyed. When remodeling the wet areas it is essential to use water resistant material but choose those that are beautiful. Walk-in showers look amazing with frameless glass enclosures and stunning tile to protect the walls and ceiling from water. Replacing the bathtub with a free standing style bathtub can recreate the look of the bathroom and its functions. Some of the highly recommended bathtubs are jet bathtubs as they provide a deep healing massage while bathing. When remodeling your bathroom, consider how you would like to change your shower, bathtub, or both to enhance the look and function of your bathroom. Consider how you can bring beauty and safety into your next bathroom remodel.

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