10 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

10 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Big or small, the bathroom is the room in the house for relaxing and unwinding. Ambience, design & aesthetic are especially crucial for bathrooms – it’s so important to keep it a serene environment!

While remodeling your master bathroom, there are few ideas that have the potential to turn your master bathroom into a little haven of luxury, function, and relaxation. At Future Vision Remodeling, we provide high-quality renovation and remodeling for your residences. Here's our guide to sprucing up your master bathroom.

  1. Go Classic

Hayward, CA

There are few things in life that beat classic vibes. For instance, a white tile master bathroom with sleek neutral grey vanity. This expansive layout not only provides plenty of space for families or couples, but also adds to the overall functionality of the master bathroom.

If you want to spice it up, chrome fixtures will do just the trick. The layout can include a nice relaxing custom showerhead with steam and rain functionality to tie it all in and give a nice relaxing vibe to the entire master bath.

  1. Open Concept Bathroom

Los Altos, CA

If one is feeling a little adventurous, remodeling the master bathroom and integrating it into the master suite is an emerging trend. Think Bali-Villa'esque design with a minimal partition in between to separate and yet integrate the two spaces. An open-concept shower along with a rustic barn door that separates the toilet and functions as a full-length mirror.

If you don't want to go to the extreme, use the open-concept shower in the master bath along with a transitional freestanding tub that leads to a double vanity. Stick to neutral, yet chic colors like black, white and grey.

3.The Modern Master Bath

Livermore, CA

Mid-sized minimalist master bathroom with charcoal grey tiles that complement the distressed oak cabinets and a separate walk-in shower. Undermounted sink and quartz countertop will add a level of luxury to the remodeled master bath. If there's a space crunch, opt for a wall-mounted toilet that is on the furthest side from the entrance. This layout is best suited for a horizontally spacious master bath.

4.The Mosaic Masterpiece

Make room for an expansive wet room that is separated by a large brass-paned window partition. Matte-black double vanity with his and hers under-mounted sink and trendy mosaic tiles will add a modern yet sophisticated look to the remodeled master bath. The openness of the partition along with the large wet area makes for smart use of space as well as provides an aesthetic appeal to it.

5.California Chic

Los Altos, CA

Remodel the master bath to a coastal style master with white tile and black floor. Add a wooden wall next to the giant bathtub to add a pop of color. To add to the charm, fix an electric fireplace on the feet of the freestanding bathtub.

A separate walk-in shower with a glass frame and grey tile along with a sitting panel and a rustic light wood vanity is enough to bring the master bath together.

Nothing speaks luxury like a classic chandelier in the master bath. Add a drop-in bathtub to the side and you've got a recipe for effortless luxury. Finish the look with a beige tile layout all across the bathroom and chic granite countertops on the floor to ceiling vanity.

A regal sitting arrangement and raised panel cabinets will bring the Mediterranean look together for the remodeled master bath.

  1. The Industrial Inspiration

Belmont, CA

Fancy some good old industrial charm? Add industrial master grey tile to instantly bring out the look. A statement trough sink and a combination of open and dark wood cabinets are enough to seal the deal.

Stick to a rustic open-concept shower that is at an adequate distance with the vanity. Use Industrial hanging lights above the sink and large roughly polished mirrors to enhance the appeal of the master bath.

  1. The Asian Affection

Bring the relaxed vibe of a Japanese Hinoki Ofuro Tub in your wet area along with a pebble shower floor and a combined shower that will transport you to the serene experience of bathing in a traditional Japanese tub.

Bring in the look together with wooden furnishings and a travertine tile in the dry area. Go all out with teak wood vanity and bamboo-style bronze fixtures on the sink.

  1. The Victorian Vibe

Los Gatos, CA

Bathe like the royals in your very own remodeled master bath. Over the top furniture style, cabinets and marble countertops scream old Victorian royalty. A free-standing tub in the middle of the bath and a diamond marble-tiled layout will add a royal charm to the master bath. A pedestal sink and multicolored walls are all that a remodeled Victorian master bath needs.

  1. The Tropical Temperament

A tropical-themed master-bathroom is a fresh wind of change for an otherwise traditional house. Add plants or plant holders all around the bath to replicate a tropical paradise. In the wet area, have a wooden shower floor and customized overhead shower with a rain and spa setting that will imitate the calm feeling of being one with nature. Vessel sinks and flat-edge dark wood cabinets in the vanity are the perfect finishing touch that a tropical paradise needs.

In Conclusion

A master bathroom is such an important room in the house – it's worthwhile to take the time to extend that extra detail. Remodel it to create your own personal haven, whether that translates to a tropical paradise or an industrial marvel.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that the remodeled master bathroom is in sync with your personality and lifestyle. For your next residential remodeling or renovation job, get started with Future Vision Remodeling here.