Modern Kitchen Ideas in Menlo Park, CA; Oversized Island, Popular Cabinet Colors, Quartz Countertops & More

Modern Kitchen Ideas in Menlo Park, CA; Oversized Island, Popular Cabinet Colors, Quartz Countertops & More

If you are ready to get your kitchen up to date and on trend then you want to start looking at the best modern ideas. There are always going to be trends that come along and take home renovations by storm while others only stay for a while. You want to make sure you know what is up and coming and what changes you can make to your kitchen that you will be happy with for a long time. The kitchen is a place that most people want to have a good vibe when it is completed. Future Vision Remodeling outlines some of the trends to use in your kitchen remodel.

Indoor Outdoor Kitchen

When you are looking for trends that are coming into focus then the outdoors is one to keep your eye on. More and more people are choosing to have space in their kitchen that is dedicated to having large windows and doors. When you plan out the design of the space you want to see where you can leave a wall that will have windows installed. You can choose to go all the way with floor to ceiling windows or with French doors to set it off. You want to make sure that you have a professional that works with you to ensure that the layout will still get what you need out of the space.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color

The trend that had everyone installing new white cabinets in their kitchen is still going strong. At the same time, another modern design choice has color as king. You want to think about upgrading your cabinets or painting them a different color. You can choose to have grey cabinets or even black if you want to be bold. You also can choose to have two toned cabinets or separate the color so that some are one color and some are another. This is a great way to modernize the look of your new kitchen.

Oversized Kitchen Island

One area of the kitchen that you want to make sure works for you is the kitchen island. There are lots of options that you can choose from when it comes to an island but there is a more modern trend. Most homeowners are choosing to have an oversized island that is one level and has space that they can put some chairs for more seating. The island is a great place to add a modern touch to the space.

Quartz & Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops

It is hard to see anything taking over the trend of stone when it comes to counters. Although there are many stone options the top of the list happens to remain choosing quartz for your counters. They offer a variety of colors as well as being smooth, beautiful and long lasting. You want to see where you quartz from counters to backsplash and even a slab down the side of the island.

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