Modern Wine Cellar & Tasting Room Remodel Ideas in Campbell, CA; Storage, Refrigeration & More

Modern Wine Cellar & Tasting Room Remodel Ideas in Campbell, CA; Storage, Refrigeration & More

Being used exclusively for the purpose of storing, preserving and enjoying wine, wine rooms not only offer function, but they inadvertently add charm and sophistication with their aesthetics. No matter if you are drawn to the wine rooms made entirely of glass and want to invite guests to admire your wine collection, or prefer the cave-like, cellar vibes in mind, wine rooms commonly take on a breathtaking design that make them both stunning and practical. We at Future Vision Remodeling would like to share some essentials to help your new wine room remodel reach its full potential.

Wine Cellar Racks & Storage

Based on personal taste, the wine storage is another option that has a variety of different arrangements. A few examples as to how you can store your wine includes floor-to-ceiling racks, allowing you to stack multiple bottles of the same wine, use diamond bins, or even install lockers that ensure security of especially rare or unique vintages. Wine storage options can be stylish and sensible simultaneously. According to preferences, take inventory of your current wine collection and allot for future storage.

LED Wine Cellar Lighting

The wine room needs the right lighting as it serves practical needs as well as beauty. The lights can illuminate wine bottles so you can see labels for ease of selection to set the tone for the room. Research with the internet to find visual examples and ideas of what you may want to include. To avoid disrupting the temperature and humidity you work so hard to maintain, you definitely want to include LED lighting since they do not get hot like other options.

Wine Room Refrigeration; Ductless, Split System & Other Cooling

There are a few ways you can keep your wine room at the right temperature and humidity. With three options, you can select a contained unit, a split system, or a ducted system. Installed directly onto the wine room wall and visible in the room, a contained unit is similar to window air conditioner units. As the split system separates the condensing unit and the evaporator, usually, the condenser is installed in another room or outside. The evaporator can be in the wine room with less visibility than the contained unit. The ducted system only shows vents inside of the wine room, and is in an entirely different location from where the refrigeration unit is kept, a lot like a traditional air conditioning system. Where any of these options can be sufficient, it comes down to personal choice.

To maximize the wine room in your high end home, there are definitely many options. Future Vision Remodeling can help you design the right wine room suitable for your home and your individual taste. We can answer your questions, address your concerns, and formulate a plan for your new wine room, so call Future Vision Remodeling today to schedule a consultation.