Remodeling Ideas for an Open Plan Living Room

Remodeling Ideas for an Open Plan Living Room

Remodeling Ideas for an Open Plan Living Room


The open-concept style with a huge open area and abundance of light is prominent on home purchasers' wish lists. However, the open layout living room arrangement is difficult to achieve. If it is not properly planned out, it may lack warmth, connection, and seclusion. It might also be challenging to determine how to organize furniture when there are no designated sections.

Still have questions about how to design it? We've outlined open-concept living room concepts to help you create a unified area.


  • Make a Statement with Rugs

One of the simplest methods to divide a living and kitchen area is to use a rug. Most carpets will match, but if unsure, stick to a similar design or color palette.

Think about the following benefits of incorporating rugs into your home decorating attempts: 

  • Soften hard floors
  • Inject color into a bland room
  • Hide damaged flooring
  • Create the appearance of more room in a smaller room
  • Divide your Space with Statement Roof 

Statement roofs are not just a wonderful way to liven up a room but also excellent for dividing spaces in an open layout. A coffered ceiling can provide the areas some separation, distinguishing them without actually segregating the rooms. You may also make the areas feel different despite their connection by lining your living room roof with wood panels and leaving your kitchen ceiling plain.

  • Select Light Furnishings That Are Easy To Move.

The adaptability of an open-concept living room design plan implies that you may move your furnishings and other decorations anywhere you choose - cutting and altering the design as the seasons change or more frequently.

A pouf or hassock is among the easiest living room improvements that can be used in various ways all day. Put a tray on it for a fast snack, put your feet up after a tiring day, use the secret storage for a quick clean-up, or take it out as an additional casual chair.


  • Prioritize Natural And Synthetic Lighting

It's a good idea to lay out a lighting system for an open-plan living area early on, providing useful downlights and more ornamental fixtures.

Request that the electrician wire areas on various circuits so that you can control the atmosphere. Try to emphasize natural light wherever appropriate. A house with sliding doors and a high-ceilinged room makes an eye-catching first impression, or try placing skylights or a roof chandelier on a single-story expansion.


The Takeaway

Another excellent technique to ensure that an open-plan concept works for you is to lay out furniture arrangements ahead of time. If you're considering moving to an open-plan home or remodeling your current one, draw up room layouts and figure out where your belongings will go. If you already have access to the space, use sticky tape to represent each furniture item on the floor. You'll be able to determine whether each object will fit and how the rooms will function collectively.