Shake Things Up In The Laundry Room

Shake Things Up In The Laundry Room

Home improvements are almost always approached with an eye for increasing function. When you think of your laundry room you probably think what more do you need than great appliances? Well, there's actually quite a lot that goes into a laundry room, not just all your hopes, dreams, and plans for the day. (Can you say, least favorite household chore?) Updating your laundry room can actually have immense benefits. But if you're stuck wondering how you make it into something more than it already is, have no fear. We're here to help.

There's Never Time But There's Always A Place For laundry specifically, the location of your room is actually quite key. The task of laundry is already daunting and just plain no fun. If getting to your laundry room is a hassle, then the job becomes even more laborsome. Moving your laundry's location can instantly change the way you view this job. If you plan to move your laundry site, consider moving it to a room than can serve multiple purposes. Combining laundry with other rooms is quite popular and actually boosts the value of your home.

Common combinations are a laundry/mudroom. The mudroom is that little buffer zone between the garage/driveway and the rest of the main house. It catches all the mud from carriage and horse rides by happily housing umbrellas, overcoats, and muddy boots. Okay, okay. We haven't had carriages for a while, but the concept is still just as viable. Cozy your washer and dryer into an area of the room and let the rest settle in harmony. Another favorite combo is the en suite/laundry room. There's already plumbing in this guest bathroom and you can easily mask the machines by building a closet around them and enclosing them with curtains or french accordion doors for when guests are over. Set up the laundry in the pantry off the side of the kitchen. You already spend lots of time in this room, proximity to all the action is what makes this delightful combo work so well.

When it comes to moving your laundry from its current location you should mostly consider the plumbing situation and accessibility. Determine what's the least hassle and then it's on to the nuts and bolts of the matter.

Broad Details If you're investing in a new laundry room, then there's no better time to evaluate the status of your machines. Upgrading to energy efficient models will not only save you money and resources, but they often save you time with shorter cycles and a more powerful spin that shortens drying time as well. You can also opt for stacking units that will save you floor space and capitalize on vertical real estate. Front loading washers tend to be better at wringing out the water from clothes because of the position of the barrel.

Once you know what type of machine you're getting, the next thing to turn your attention to is the utilities and structure. You need proper ventilation to prevent moisture from building up and give the air from your dryer somewhere to go. Subflooring will also need special attention, again due to the high moisture and potential for water damage. After these details have been sorted comes the real fun part.

Storage, Bells, Whistles, And Must Haves
There are certain things your laundry room is going to need, and certain things it could greatly benefit from but aren't vital to the function/efficiency of your new room. For example, a steam closet is a wonderful luxury, but it's a space eater and requires more water and electricity. A folding table/counter space, on the other hand is a simple feature that will make this room a one-stop-shop for all your laundry tasks.

Storage for your laundry supplies including cleaners, dryer sheets, iron/steamer, and a sewing kit is essential. You can opt for open shelves or standard cabinets that bookend or frame your machines. Underneath the counter for your folding area is the perfect place to store multi-compartment laundry hampers; you now have the power to pre-sort dirty clothes without leaving them out in the open.

A drying rack is another fabulous feature. You can grab the collapsable kind, or mount a rack with a 180 degree radius to your wall for easy access and storage. A deep work sink can also be quite valuable for you hand wash only clothes, as well as working stains out of your favorite sweater. When it comes to this portion of your laundry makeover, Ease is the name of the game. The more you do to make the actual job of laundry easier on yourself, the better everyone is for it.

Lastly, pick a design scheme that's inviting and makes you smile. Just because doing the laundry isn't fun doesn't mean the room in which you work has to be completely void of joy. Bring it to life with flowers, art, photos of the loved ones who make all this work, and whatever odds and ends help create a space that makes this chore less tedious, more enjoyable.