Signs You’re In Need For A Kitchen Upgrade

Signs You’re In Need For A Kitchen Upgrade

The kitchen is a focal point in your home, so if the time has come to update yours, here are a few things to look out for.

All renovations are considered a project, but a kitchen renovation is a major one. Selecting who to entrust, planning and budgeting are all key factors diving into this. Another thing to consider is the fact that your kitchen won't be available for use for at least a few months.

The floorplan no longer works and can be dangerous

A bad layout can make maneuvering around a kitchen very difficult – almost inconvenient. Range top islands that were in style back in 1080's can be simply dangerous. Think of a child running by the kitchen handle on the stove — dangerous design. Regardless if the kitchen is genuinely hazardous or a pain, a new layout could be beneficial.

High electric bill due to outdated appliances

The older the appliance, the less money your saving. If you believe that your appliances are running up the energy bill, use this calculator on to help you configure how much you're spending to keep them in use.

No enough counter or storage space

Does the task of finding more space to cut onions or simply making a sandwich become a daily struggle? Are cabinets so full that you find yourself storing kitchen items elsewhere in your home? If either one or both of these struggles are true, a remodel can surely expand the amount of storage and counter space.

The kitchen doesn't align with your personal style

You can possibly have a tiny kitchen but enjoy cooking.. Or you love to entertain, but your kitchen is located far from the rest of your home which leaves you feeling isolated from guests. Maybe you have two cooks in the family but your current kitchen suits only one. If you find that your kitchen is impacting your lifestyle, and you plan on living in your home for much longer, this could more than enough reason to renovate.

Cleaning becomes even more of a chore

The thought of cleaning may frighten many people, but having an outdated kitchen to clean can truly be a nightmare. Countertops with tile and deep grout lines and old floor tiles can never achieve that sparkly clean look considering the age.. A remodel can go a long way, not only changing your happiness but also amplify your happiness with more space and an easier cleaning routine.

Low home value

An outdated kitchen can drag down the value of your home more than you know. You may not be bothered by the odd quirks the kitchen features, or the eccentric style. However, if you plan on selling your home anytime soon, a kitchen in poor condition could be a deal breaker for potential buyers.

This feature can lower your home value and lessen the numbers your home is selling for. If renovating is for financial purposes, consult with a real estate agent or designer to determine if the possibility of an inexpensive facelift for your kitchen that can save you money long term.

Dread using it

You dislike using the space so much, that it barely gets any traffic. No matter if it's falling apart or if it's just plain hideous, if you hate your kitchen so much, you know it’s time for a new kitchen.