Spa Inspired Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Loyola, CA; Steam Shower Room, Freestanding Soaking Tub & More

Spa Inspired Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Loyola, CA; Steam Shower Room, Freestanding Soaking Tub & More

If you want to have a space in your home that is unique, elegant and sets you apart from others, the bathroom can be the place to start. The bathroom is a space in the home that many people want to go to relax and get ready without caring about the world around them. This is also a place that you might end the day and want to unwind from the stress. That is why this is a room in the house that you can take some effort in remodeling. The added bonus is that this is also a main selling point to a home when you want to put it on the market. The bathroom will be looked at as a room that people do not want to have to upgrade on their own and they will see themselves living in. When it is a place that is remodeled and looking amazing, the price will go up and the interest as well. That is why many people want to have a spa bathroom when they are doing their remodel. Future Vision Remodeling outlines what you can do create a spa like bathroom retreat.

Build a Steam Shower Room

One of the offerings at a spa has that is a great start to your day is a steam room. You can get in the steam and it will help to remove the toxins and the other stressful build up in your skin, mind and muscles. It would be a perfect addition to a bathroom in your own home. If you want to create the ultimate spa bathroom at your house a steam room would certainly do the trick. A steam room can be installed in your home that will accommodate a single person or even two people. You want to make sure you designate the space that is required when you are making the pan for your remodel your bathroom.

Freestanding Soaking Tub

Another area of the bathroom that can be upgraded to create a spa style bathroom is the bathtub. A standard bathtub will not do the trick in a unique and spa style room. There is an array of bathtubs that you can choose from that have the spa feel your going for. There are tubs that have large basins, jets, lights and heaters to keep the temperature. You want to make sure that your spa style tub is what you want and offer some extravagance to your bathing experience.

Walk in Shower Enclosure

Most people want to have a shower that is separate from the tub. A shower is a place that you want to have more options than a single showerhead and a square stall. The stall can be a walk in space with beautiful stone tiles from floor to ceiling. You also want to plan on having showerheads that are dual and you can even have sprayers that are on the side of the wall. There are also options for seating in the shower so that you can relax in comfort if you desire.

Future Vision Remodeling can create a plan to remodel your bathroom to create the spa environment you’ve been longing for. Call us today to get started!