Spring into Clean with 10 Home Improvement Projects

Spring into Clean with 10 Home Improvement Projects

Where did the time go? Spring is here now, and that means none other than springtime home improvement projects. To get the most out of your time, we’ve narrowed down the projects that can add value to your home.

  1. Landscaping

Add a burst of color to your landscape by planting flowers, and shrubs to add curb appeal. Nothing says spring like fresh flowers!

  1. Exterior Painting

Does your home have painted wood siding? A fresh coat of paint is just what your home needs to shine bright this season. At first this project may appear big, but the payoff is protecting your wood from further damage and potential buyers will be more intrigued towards your home on the market.

  1. Lawn Cleanup

Your front lawn always need grooming, regardless of the time of year. Make this Spring count and nurture your lawn by mowing, trimming, fertilizing, getting rid of trash, raking up leaves, and tending to plants. To make it easy, you can consider hiring a landscaper.

  1. Siding Replacement or a Good Scrub

Harsh winters can leave siding cracked, and chipped, or just filthy. Taking a weekend off to revitalize siding can be easy: start with a pressure wash, repair cracks, dents and chips. Lastly, to seal it in, apply a fresh new coat of paint.

  1. Check Your Roofing

Deteriorating roof can only get worse during the winter, now is the time to contact a professional to perform an inspection for leaks and further damage.

  1. Clean the Gutters

The winter wreaks havoc, your gutters may be in desperate need of repair, or replacing. Leaking is a small fix, you can seal it with caulk yourself. Replacing your gutters with new up to date styles will solve any other underlying issues. The new gutter styles will prevent further leaking, and clogging.

  1. Patio Dreams

Outdoor deck screams outdoor entertaining; for as long as the climate permits. Out with the old and in with a deck designed to align with your home and lifestyle. That's just what you need. Redesigning a new patio starts with envisioning how you want your space to be. The options are endless, simple to over the top. Ideas as inspirations, disregard anything as far fetched. Meeting with a deck designer can make your vision into a spring/summer reality.

  1. Pool Maintenance

With the exception of warmer regions, pools are used during the summer season and closed during the colder season. Start the pool season by cleaning, and storing the cover in a safe place, rid of the antifreeze chemicals and replacing the water and adding in the appropriate chemicals to maintain a healthy level.

  1. Light Inspection

Along with a roof inspection, why not inspect your entire home. Start by examining the roof shingles, chimney, concrete, outside faucets, windows, and all other areas that haven't been paid attention.

  1. Donate or Recycle

As you clean and declutter your home, while you're doing so, you'll surely come across what you don't need. Gather unwanted items such as; household items, electronics, furniture, and gently used clothing to your choice of charity. Doing so will create more room, declutter, and make your home appear brighter.