Staircase Remodeling Ideas in Daly City, CA; Stair Placement, Opening Framing, Wood or Metal Railings & More

Staircase Remodeling Ideas in Daly City, CA; Stair Placement, Opening Framing, Wood or Metal Railings & More

There are lots of homes that have more than one story. This means that you have stairs that lead up to your upper level or down to another level. The stairs are not just a practical way to go up or down. They are also a part of the homes décor and style. Most of the time, the staircase is an architectural feature you can see in the entrance or general living areas of the home which gives you the opportunity to make them a showstopper. Future Vision Remodeling outlines how to add style when remodeling your stairs.

Stair Placement in a House

The first thing that you want to look at is the placement of the stairs. Are they in a spot that works best for your home and shows them off as a piece of art? Stairs are sometimes placed in a position where they are hidden. Fortunately, you can work with a professional that can come to your home and look for options on the placement and path of the stairs. We can look at your home and see if we can move the stairs to a new area that will create a better flow and path. This may require a larger renovation that may even take over a large part of the room that the stairs begin.

Stair Opening Framing

The other thing that you can consider is where the opening of the stairs is supposed to be. You can see if you want to have a double opening. This is so that you can gain access to the stairs from two areas of the house. You can look at a way to open the staircase up and make a statement with the first few steps. Some choose to widen out the first few steps or to round the bottom stair so that it creates a beautiful start to the stairs.

Interior Staircase Railings

The stair rails that you choose for your stairs can have a big impact on the overall look. The rails can come in a wide variety of looks and styles as well as materials. You may choose to have metal rails or wood to name the two most common. Then you want to make sure you decide on the color and the style of these rails. You can have them painted or stained to fit the look of the rest of your home. Some choose to let the stairs stand out and that means that they can have a more bold look. If you choose metal there are many styles from the width to the spindles or shape of the rail. This is a great way to make the statement that you want with your new beautiful stair case.

Future Vision Remodeling can come out to your house to make a plan to remodel your staircase. Call us today!