Staying Warm while Saving with 7 Energy Saving Tips

Staying Warm while Saving with 7 Energy Saving Tips

Winter is here. This means, present shopping, sipping on hot cocoa, and time spent at holiday gatherings with family and friends. For those of us who love conserving energy, the winter season also means saving money by being more efficient.

Keep The Lights Off

If you plan on going away for the holidays, save money while you are away by making sure all lights are turned off. This includes lights in: garage, backyard, patio, or front porch lights.

Use your curtains and take advantage of daylight savings

Heat from the sunlight is given freely, so why not make use of it. Allowing the sun to shine through the curtains during the day warms up the glass windows; projecting heat to the walls of your home. As the sun goes down, close your curtains to trap the warmth. Make sure you don't have any hidden leaks or gaps that prevent the warm air from staying in.

Cover the keyhole

Another step to keeping your home warmer is to prevent heat from breaking away through gaps and cracks in walls. A few apparent ones are easy to find: pipes, cables, behind the washing machine, under kitchen cupboards, key holes, and around sinks and toilets.

Get Your Place Ready for Entertaining

Each year we vow to devote more time to family and friends – you can start with making your home cozier.

Start in the place where you welcome guest to unwind and get comfortable. Try adding new cushions, or placing a new rug that can make a noticeable difference. The guest bedroom is an essential part of a guest's experience, we want them to enjoy their stay while being cozy and comfortable.

Keep the Kitchen Warm and Cozy

While you are cooking, boiling, and baking, all that heat accumulated will keep your kitchen warm without having the need to turn the thermostat. Try making a cup of hot cocoa, something cooking in the crock pot, and bake cookies to get your kitchen stirring up heat!

Rearrange your sofa

Positioning your favorite chair in front of the radiator may seem ideal, but it’s only doing harm by absorbing the heat that could be providing heat in your home. With that space open, hot air can circulate throughout the house.

Wrap up warmly

Make sure your hot water tank is properly lagged – or insulated. Doing so will keep water warmer and minimize heating costs.