What is Meant By Aging in Place in Portola Valley, CA? Elderly Friendly Floorplan & More

What is Meant By Aging in Place in Portola Valley, CA? Elderly Friendly Floorplan & More

Modern conveniences, active lifestyles and medical breakthroughs mean we are living longer than ever before. As we age we need to ensure that the home we live in adapts with us to allow us the option of living out our lives in the home we love and cherish. The broad definition of aging-in-place can be described as the ability to live in our own home, in an independent, safe and comfortable manner regardless of income, age, or level of ability. Many people confuse aging in place with upgrades that are made for homeowners with current disabilities or mobility issues. The idea of aging-in-place is to provide upgrades to your home now, while giving you the flexibility to accommodate your needs as they begin to change as you age. One of the most crucial factors of whether or not you can age in place in your current home depends on your capability to maintain your independence for example continuing to live in a home where you can prepare your own meals or use a bathroom when fully mobile or with the use of a walking aid or wheelchair. Future Vision Remodeling offer helpful aging in place design tips.

Elderly Friendly Floorplan

One of the most important design features to help you stay in your home is a kitchen and bedroom located on the same floor. According to the American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines you are required to have a 60" wide clearance in a 3 sided kitchen to ensure you have sufficient room for wheelchair accessibility along with doorways and hallways that measure at least 36" to allow for easier access.

Cabinet Pulls, Hardware & Fixtures for Seniors

As we age we may find it more and more difficult to grasp objects and according to the knowledgeable experts at Future Vision Remodeling, your hardware and fixtures choices are just as important as the cabinets themselves. Consider D-shaped handles and cabinet pulls which are must easier to use especially if you have arthritis and less likely to become caught on clothing putting you at risk of a fall.

Comfort Height Toilet & Shower Bench Seating

A built-in shower bench is essential as we age especially when combined with dual height countertops and vanities. The beauty of dual height countertops combines lower areas which can be easily accessed from a wheelchair and standard height countertops with a dedicated seating area. Lower heights countertops make them easily accessible from a wheelchair, while standard height countertop areas can also include dedicated seating. If you have a difficult time with balance and upper body strength you may want to consider installing a comfort height toilet.

What Type of Flooring is Best for Aging in Place?

Wheelchairs, walkers and other walking aides can be difficult to use on rugs and carpets often resulting in trips and falls. Replace carpets with non-slip flooring in areas of the home that are close to water sources such as kitchens and bathrooms and hardwoods throughout the rest of the home including bedrooms and family living areas. Making your home accessible and comfortable to aging-in-place can benefit your family now and in the future.

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