You want your new bathroom to be designed to your tastes. Do you want to relax in spa-like comfort? Maybe something more traditional and yet extraordinary? New bathrooms by Future Vision Remodeling deliver the designs for bathroom remodeling San Mateo has loved over the years.

Your San Mateo bathroom remodeling should match your style of living as well as your tastes in decor. Our designers will make everything perfect from the shower to the hardware on your vanity. Everything will carry the design you had in mind when you planned your bathroom remodel in San Mateo with Future Vision Remodeling.

Future Vision Remodeling has the experience to deliver the most out of every bathroom space. Together, we’ll design your San Mateo bathroom remodeling and even your storage space will be just what you had in mind.

Bathroom design San Mateo

Bathroom remodeling

Selecting the perfect vanity, sink and hardware to match your design tastes and tie in the rest of your home’s decor will make your bathroom perfect. Future Vision Remodeling can handle everything right up to custom made vanities for your bathroom remodeling in San Mateo.

For many people this seems daunting. The choices and decisions for bathroom remodeling can be overwhelming. The truth is that the industry has grown up so much over the last decade, the choices you can make seem limitless. Most people aren’t aware of even half of what’s available to them and we live in the age of the internet.

This means there are luxury fixtures and designs that you won’t know unless an industry professional sits down and shows them to you. Right now bathroom remodeling San Mateo is the new cutting edge in home decor.

Future Vision Remodeling guides you through the design process for your bathroom remodel in San Mateo. We have over 14 years experience in bathroom remodeling as a premier contractor. Our reputation is made with happy customers.

When you call us for San Mateo bathroom remodeling, our designers will help you refine your bathroom remodeling vision. We want your bathroom remodeling to be perfect for your lifestyle.

Let’s start by getting the layout just right and design your new fixtures to the plan. Everything about your bathroom remodeling in San Mateo will be perfectly situated with Future Vision Remodeling.

Toilet remodeling San Mateo


Part of bathroom remodeling in San Mateo for us is creating what’s called a natural focal point. When you walk into the newly remodeled bathroom you don’t want to see the toilet first. An outstanding vanity and sink combination does this or a luxury bath or shower.

Lighting installation in bathroom

Lighting is something we won’t overlook in bathroom remodeling. If you have ever tried to shave with an inadequate light, it is a frustrating experience. Lighting is also overlooked a lot and left out of the remodeling plan by some contractors. Future Vision Remodeling will make sure your lighting highlights areas of your bathroom remodeling in San Mateo that you want people to notice. We make sure you have perfect light for shaving or putting on make-up.

People today are remodeling their bathrooms in San Mateo than any other room in their home. This is because bathrooms aren’t just out of the way utility rooms anymore. In today’s market they are being turned into rooms to relax in with great designs, appliances, and colors.

Heated floors installation in bathroom

Bathroom remodeling

Have you considered heated floors? In the cooler months, it serves utility purposes because you can keep the room temperature lower and the floors warmer. There isn’t much more that says luxury like stepping out of your shower or tub onto heated floors. Imagine your bathroom remodeling in San Mateo including this luxury.

Don’t forget you can add cutting edge technologies today. For bathroom remodeling in San Mateo these days, everything from water-proof music systems to blue-tooth are gaining popularity.

Tile is in and it’s more beautiful than ever before. Tile comes in every color and pattern you can dream of. Our craftsmen take your design scheme and build it out before your eyes. The bathroom tile on floors and walls make your bathroom unique and beautiful. Your bathroom remodeling in San Mateo will be unique.

Today, more and more bathroom remodeling projects in San Mateo are using green construction products and methods. Future Vision Remodeling leads the way with sustainable construction options.

Using glass tile is a great green construction option that has low environmental impact. Glass tiles are recycled and known for low maintenance and high durability as well as the limitless patterns to choose from.

Bathroom renovation in San Mateo

Bathroom remodeling

Water conserving fixtures are another go-green option. Two-stage flush toilets and go-green fixtures are leading the way. Bathroom remodeling San Mateo can lead the way in green construction practices using eco-responsible products and energy-wise methods. If going green is important to you, talk to Future Vision Remodeling.

The water-saving fixtures not only save the environment, they save you money over the time. Don’t forget about the tax credits using energy wise products. These products range from water use to lighting to airflow and heating.

For bathroom remodeling in San Mateo, call Future Vision Remodeling and speak with one of our designers. After speaking with us, you won’t want to talk to anyone else.


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