So much goes into bathroom remodeling Santa Clara, unless you’re a contractor that does this every day, or been through the process many times; the details, choices, and decisions can be overwhelming.

Future Vision Remodeling will guide you through your bathroom remodel in Santa Clara. Future Vision Remodeling has over 14 years experience in bathroom remodeling. We can help you. We built our reputation on happy customers and skilled craftsmen.

When you call us for a Santa Clara bathroom remodeling consult our designers are going to help you refine your vision. We want your bathroom remodeling to be a great experience.

If you haven’t kept up with modern bathroom designs in Santa Clara, you probably are not aware at all the different style and design changes available right now. Santa Clara bathroom design is the new cutting edge in home decor. Even with the internet most people are not aware of what’s available and how much luxury they can afford. For bathroom remodeling in Santa Clara, Future Vision Remodeling will take the time to get you exactly what you want.

Bathroom remodeling

You don’t need to let your neighbors outdo your bathroom. Chances are you have many great ideas. Future Vision bathroom remodeling designers will tie them together into a design that WOW’s you…and your neighbor. You know what’s missing now. Whether it’s a chic spa or more storage, we can do it stylishly and keep your budget.

First, we consider layout. There could be nothing worse than getting everything you want and feeling like you’re in a cramped space. If the layout of your current bathroom is bad, remodeling on the same foundation could make things worse. This happens even in large bathrooms.

Toilet remodeling Santa Clara

The first thing you don’t want to see in your new bathroom is the toilet. If that’s the case now we can re-plumb your bathroom and make sure it’s in the right place. All your bathroom fixtures like your shower, tub, and vanity will be placed thoughtfully. The layout has to make sense to your lifestyle as well as the aesthetics.

We’ll get the layout perfect and design your new fixtures into it. Everything about your bathroom remodeling in Santa Clara will look perfect.

Future Vision has the experience to make the most out of every space. Together, we’ll design every inch of your Santa Clara bathroom remodeling and not make the storage space an afterthought.

Bathroom design Santa Clara

Bathroom remodeling

A big part of this is selecting the perfect vanity, sink, and hardware to match your design tastes. Future Vision Remodeling has seen that raised panel vanities are a long-standing favorite that can tie your bathroom into the whole house design easily.

Part of designing bathroom remodeling in Santa Clara for us is creating a natural focal point when you walk into the newly remodeled bathroom. An outstanding vanity and sink combination does this stylishly.

Your Santa Clara bathroom remodeling should match the style of your home as well as your taste. Our designers will make sure that everything from the shower to the hardware on your vanity carry the design you had in mind when you planned your bathroom remodel in Santa Clara.

Lighting installation in bathroom

Lighting is something that’s often overlooked in bathroom remodeling. If you have ever tried to shave with an inadequate light, you know why it’s important. It’s also overlooked a lot. Future Vision Remodeling will make sure your lighting showcases your bathroom remodeling in Santa Clara. You’ll have perfect lighting for shaving or putting on your make-up.

Let’s not forget luxury. More people today are remodeling their bathrooms in Santa Clara than any other room in their home. Bathrooms are no longer a cold, quiet, hidden away room. In today’s market they are being turned into works of art with vibrant designs, appliances, and colors.

Heated floors installation in bathroom

Bathroom remodeling

Heated floors are an example of this even in our climate. Heated floors say luxury. They are also a great resale point. In the cooler months, it serves utility purposes because you can keep the surrounding temperature lower and still keep the floors warmer. There isn’t much more in luxury than stepping out of your shower or tub onto warm floors. Imagine your bathroom remodeling in Santa Clara including this luxury.

Your new bathroom should be designed to your tastes. If you want to relax in spa-like comfort, new bathroom designs by Future Vision Remodeling deliver just that. Spa-like designs for bathroom remodeling Santa Clara have gained much popularity over the years.

Let’s not forget that you can add-in cutting edge technology to any bathroom remodeling in Santa Clara these days. Everything from water-proof music systems to blue-tooth shower phones are gaining popularity. There is even new toilet designs that clean themselves so you don’t have to.

Bathroom tile is in and it’s more beautiful than ever! Tile comes in every color and pattern you can dream of. The choices make an easy way to Picasso your design into a work of art.

Bathroom renovation in Santa Clara

Our designers and craftsmen will take your design scheme and build it out before your eyes. The bathroom tile on floors and walls can make your bathroom unique and beautiful.

Many bathroom remodeling projects in Santa Clara focus on green construction. Future Vision Remodeling is leading the way offering sustainable construction options.

Bathroom remodeling

Using glass tile is a great green construction option that has low environmental impact. Glass tiles are recycled material and are known for their low maintenance and durability as well as the unlimited patterns you can choose from.

Using water conserving fixtures is another large green option. Two-stage flush toilets and water-conserving fixtures are leading the way today. For bathroom remodeling Santa Clara can lead the way in green construction using eco-responsible products and energy-wise methods.

These fixtures not only save the environment, they save you money over the long-term. Let’s not forget about the tax credits for using energy wise products. These products range from water use to lighting to airflow and heating.

For bathroom remodeling in Santa Clara, call Future Vision Remodeling and speak with one of our designers. After speaking with us, you won’t want to talk to anyone else.


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