Let Future Vision Remodeling guide you through your bathroom remodeling in Sunnyvale. Future Vision Remodeling has over 14 years experience in bathroom remodeling. Unless you are a bathroom remodeling contractor, the choices of what you can do and details of your Sunnyvale bathroom remodeling are usually overwhelming.

Sunnyvale bathroom remodeling is the new in-thing and even browsing the internet, you won’t get to know half of what you can do these days. Call us for a Sunnyvale bathroom remodeling consultation. Our designers make it easy for you refine your vision. Future Vision Remodeling wants your bathroom remodeling Sunnyvale to be a great experience.

With Future Vision Remodeling, your neighbors won’t outdo you on bathroom remodeling. You already have many great ideas. Let Future Vision bathroom remodeling designers bring them together into a design that your neighbor will be green over. You know what you are missing now. Is it a chic spa decor or storage?

Bathroom remodeling

First, we look at your existing layout. There is nothing worse than getting you want you want and seeing it loaded into a badly laid out floor plans. If the layout of your current bathroom isn’t great, remodeling on the same floor plan makes things worse. This happens even in large bathrooms because of the existing fixture locations. Don’t worry, we can take care of it.

Toilet remodeling Sunnyvale

What’s the first thing you see when you walk into the bathroom? Is it the toilet? If that’s the case think about re-plumbing your bathroom as part of your remodel and let’s put it in the right place. The layout has to make sense to your lifestyle as well as the aesthetics. That goes for all your fixtures like your shower or vanity.

After the layout is perfect and we design your new fixtures into it, everything about the floor plan for your bathroom remodeling in Sunnyvale will look perfect.

Future Vision has the skills to get the most out of every space. Together, let’s design your Sunnyvale bathroom remodeling and not let the storage space an afterthought.

Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom design Sunnyvale

Selecting the perfect vanity, sink, and hardware to match your design tastes is always a large part of the picture. Future Vision Remodeling experience shows that raised panel vanities are a long-standing favorite that ties your bathroom into the whole house decor easily.

In Sunnyvale bathroom remodeling should complement the style of your home as well as show your taste in design. Our designers make sure that everything from the shower to the vanity hardware carry the design when we planned your bathroom remodel in Sunnyvale.

Lighting installation in bathroom

Lighting is something that gets overlooked in bathroom remodeling. If you have ever tried to shave with low light? If you have you know why it’s important. It’s also overlooked a lot because fixing the problem means a little rewiring. Future Vision Remodeling wants your lighting to showcase your bathroom remodeling in Sunnyvale. Your lighting will be perfect for shaving or putting on your make-up.

Bathroom remodeling in Sunnyvale is also about luxury. Today people are remodeling their bathrooms in Sunnyvale more than any other room. Bathrooms are hidden away functional utilities. Today because of the real estate market, they are being turned into works of art with vibrant designs, appliances, and colors.

Bathroom remodeling

Heated floors installation in bathroom

Have you considered heated floors are an example of this even in our climate? Heated floors say luxury in bathroom remodeling and they have a great resale value. In the winter months, you can lower the temperature and still keep the floors warm. There isn’t anything more in luxurious than going from your warm bath or shower onto warm floors. Your bathroom remodeling in Sunnyvale can include this luxury.

Your new bathroom should be designed to your needs and tastes. We can achieve spa-like comfort with new bathroom designs by Future Vision Remodeling. Whatever you want for your remodel, we deliver just that. Spa-like designs for bathroom remodeling Sunnyvale have gained much popularity over the years and relaxing at home is now the in-thing.

Don’t forget you can add-in cutting edge technology to any designed bathroom remodeling in Sunnyvale. Water-proof music systems to blue-tooth shower phones are gaining popularity. There is even new toilet designs that clean themselves so you don’t have to.

Tile is king and it’s more beautiful than ever! Tile comes in every color and pattern you can dream of. There are so many off the shelf patterns and designs to choose from as well as custom designer tiles for that real personal touch.

Our designers and craftsmen take your Sunnyvale bathroom remodeling design idea and build it out before your eyes. The bathroom tile on floors and walls can make your bathroom unique and beautiful.


Bathroom renovation in Sunnyvale

Today, bathroom remodeling projects in Sunnyvale focus on sustainable construction. Future Vision Remodeling is leading the way offering sustainable construction options. Using glass tile is a great green construction option that has lower environmental impact. Glass tiles are recycled material and are still known for their low maintenance and high durability as well as the unlimited patterns you can choose from.

For your bathroom remodeling in Sunnyvale, Future Vision Remodeling provides all the answers. After speaking with us, you won’t want to talk to anyone else.


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