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Month: October 2019

Bathroom Trends: Luxury, Nature, And Serenity

Quickly catching up to the ever popular kitchen renovation, bathrooms are the next best place to splurge on a little comfort for your home. Updating your bathroom can add major value to your home as well as the quality of your life with the current trends. Fortunate for you, the desired bathroom is no longer confined to four walls and plumbing that works. No, no. More and more homeowners are turning their thoughts to creating a space that doesn’t just serve its purpose, but also affords the user a little bit of luxury. Between spa elements and natural building...

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Bathroom Remodel Additions in Foster City, CA; Window, Lighting, Flooring & More

It’s no secret that potential buyers will be looking at bathrooms when they are choosing their new home. The bathroom is one area you don’t want to cut corners on because it is so important in the resale value of your home. There are some additions that should absolutely not be skipped when you are planning your bathroom remodel. Future Vision Remodeling is here to talk about what you should include in your next bathroom remodeling project to boost the value of your home. In Wall Toilet Tank This tip is especially helpful for those that have a bathroom...

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High End Carpet VS Luxury Hardwood Floors when Home Remodeling in Redwood City, CA

Two of the most popular flooring choices include hardwood and carpet. Homeowners have been debating which one of them is superior for years. Hardwood flooring is definitely a popular choice in today’s market, but is it really better than carpet? Future Vision Remodeling is here to do an in depth comparison of the two to help you decide which one is the better choice for your home. Most Durable Flooring When it comes to the durability of hardwood vs carpet, hardwood is more durable in most cases. That doesn’t mean that it can get damaged by any means, or...

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Choosing High End Kitchen Appliance Packages & Upgrades when Remodeling in San Jose, CA

When it comes time to remodel your kitchen and make it the dream kitchen you want, most homeowners look into luxury options surrounding the cabinetry, countertops, floors, and backsplash. These options are practical and they enhance the aesthetics which is why so many focus on these selections. However, few give their kitchen appliances real thought. Finding appliances that fit the style of your kitchen, preferences, and dynamics of your day-to-day living can be challenging. Today, we at Future Vision Remodeling would like to share a few tips to help you complete your luxury kitchen remodel with the right appliance...

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