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Month: November 2019

The Coveted Kitchen Island: Is It Right For You?

For some mysterious reason, a kitchen with an island is a winner-winner, chicken dinner. Okay, maybe it isn’t that big of a mystery. What’s not to love? Extra space for working and storing, maybe even a little eating if you play your cards right. These bonus features make it beyond appealing. Flip through the pages of every home magazine and you’re likely to find every – if not close to it – kitchen with its very own island. But is it the right choice for your kitchen? Like all fairytales, things are never quite the way they seem. Before...

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Fireplace Facelift in Saratoga, CA; Mantle & Hearth Focal Point Surround Ideas, Fire Glass & More

In many high end homes, there are one or more fireplaces, however, too often the fireplace is a featured accessory that deserves a facelift. Where many of us use fireplaces to set the mood for warmth, or simply a cozy atmosphere, the fireplace is a large, artistic, elegant focal point that gets noticed. When the fireplace falls short of the aesthetics, it can stand an updated enhancement to fit the dynamics of the rest of the home. Whether your fireplace is looking deteriorated or outdated, we at Future Vision Remodeling, Inc would like to share a few tips and...

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10 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Big or small, the bathroom is the room in the house for relaxing and unwinding. Ambience, design & aesthetic are especially crucial for bathrooms – it’s so important to keep it a serene environment! While remodeling your master bathroom, there are few ideas that have the potential to turn your master bathroom into a little haven of luxury, function, and relaxation. At Future Vision Remodeling, we provide high-quality renovation and remodeling for your residences. Here’s our guide to sprucing up your master bathroom. Related: Bathroom Trends: Luxury, Nature, and Serenity   Go Classic Hayward, CA There are few things...

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Room Addition Ideas in Palo Alto, CA; Extra Bedroom, In House Gym, Home Office & More

There are many times that you buy a house and it seems to be perfect. It has all that you need and the layout and the space is just right. The problem can be over the years when the needs that you may start to have change. This can be in-laws that need to move in or a new baby on the way. The need for more space is not a reason to sell your house because you can stay in the house you have loved and make more space with a room addition. The great thing is that...

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