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Beware the Reno Budget!

Allow us to play the role of Soothsayer and warn you right now, before you start dreaming and planning and getting your hopes up for a humdinger of a renovation: nail down that budget. Ask anyone who’s ever been through a renovation and the first tip they will give is to set a budget and stick to it. Don’t deviate when you find a sale. Make a plan, finalize that plan, and make it dogma throughout the process. Always defer to your budget. Can you afford to upgrade to that fancy toilet that whispers sweet words of encouragement while...

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Small Spaces, Big Statements: How To Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

Unless you’re building from the ground up, there’s little you can do to change a small room to a large room. Yes, you do have the option of knocking down some walls and creating a seamless, flowing, open floor plan. But again, unless you were there for the foundation, you might not be structurally able to accommodate such a wish. The good news is there are some things you can do to create the illusion of a bigger space without actually changing the layout of your home. The best news, most of these updates can be done over a...

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Finding The Right Finish: Types Of Facing For Your Home

When it comes to first impressions, the facing of your home is at the top of the list. What you choose to cover your home not only affects the curb appeal, but it can also mean more or less maintenance work for you, as well as how much you’ll spend keeping your home warm and cool year-round. While your decision will rely mostly on aesthetic, it’s worth considering the factors not seen by the naked eye. Here is a breakdown of all the types of materials for housing exteriors, including their pros and cons. Siding This material can be...

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Face Value: Updating the Exterior of Your Home

Face Value: Updating the Exterior of Your Home For some people, the curb appeal of their home is what attracted them to it in the first place. For others…. It’s the neighborhood eyesore that just totally ruins a good thing. Either way, there are plenty of projects big and small that can be done easily and fairly quickly (sometimes in as little as a weekend) to your home’s exterior to make it the new Belle of the Block Ball. Try any of these ideas for an instant face lift for your house. Adding/Changing Shutters Shutters are a great way...

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Worth It: The Dividing Line of DIY vs. Professional Projects

When contemplating an update to your space, the thought of saving money is attractive whatever your budget. Thusly, the thought of “I could do that” creeps to the front of your mind. Maybe you have a spouse that thinks they can fix anything. Maybe that’s your father-in-law. And if he happens to be a general contractor then sure! Let him fix all the things. If he just suffers from visions of grandeur, you’re probably right to hire a professional. But what’s really worth DIY-ing and what worth the extra expenditure? Here are a few: Flooring Starting off strong and...

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