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Author: Eli

Signs You’re In Need For A Kitchen Upgrade

The kitchen is a focal point in your home, so if the time has come to update yours, here are a few things to look out for. All renovations are considered a project, but a kitchen renovation is a major one. Selecting who to entrust, planning and budgeting are all key factors diving into this. Another thing to consider is the fact that your kitchen won’t be available for use for at least a few months. The floorplan no longer works and can be dangerous A bad layout can make maneuvering around a kitchen very difficult – almost inconvenient....

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Spring into Clean with 10 Home Improvement Projects

Where did the time go? Spring is here now, and that means none other than springtime home improvement projects. To get the most out of your time, we’ve narrowed down the projects that can add value to your home.   Landscaping Add a burst of color to your landscape by planting flowers, and shrubs to add curb appeal. Nothing says spring like fresh flowers!   Exterior Painting Does your home have painted wood siding? A fresh coat of paint is just what your home needs to shine bright this season. At first this project may appear big, but the...

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Staying Warm while Saving with 7 Energy Saving Tips

Winter is here. This means, present shopping, sipping on hot cocoa, and time spent at holiday gatherings with family and friends. For those of us who love conserving energy, the winter season also means saving money by being more efficient. Keep The Lights Off If you plan on going away for the holidays, save money while you are away by making sure all lights are turned off. This includes lights in: garage, backyard, patio, or front porch lights. Use your curtains and take advantage of daylight savings Heat from the sunlight is given freely, so why not make use...

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How to Keep Warm While Being Energy Efficient This Winter

10 tips for staying warm Here are tips to keeping a cozy house during the cold winter seasons. They don’t take much effort, and are inexpensive ways to be resourceful! Time central heating Programming your boiler to turn on 30 minutes prior to waking up in the morning – but at a lower temperature to be cost effective. Boiler heats up at a consistent speed no matter what you set the thermostat to. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your heat on low all day – then you are paying for heat you don’t need. Rearrange your sofa Positioning...

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