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Project Details

  • Service: Kitchen Remodel
  • Location: Ponderosa Park, CA

Project Description

Future Vision Remodeling is excited to unveil a spacious and elegant ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) remodeling project in Milpitas, CA. The centerpiece of this remodel is the installation of large double doors, which create a grand and inviting entrance. These doors are complemented by expansive windows, ensuring the interior is bathed in natural light. The ADU also features a cozy fireplace, which not on will adds warmth to the space but also serves as a beautiful focal point. The overall layout offers ample space, allowing for a comfortable and functional living area. This ADU remodel combines practicality with style, creating an inviting space for relaxation and entertainment. For more information on our ADU remodeling services, visit our ADU Remodel page.

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