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Project Details

  • Service: Outdoor Renovation
  • Location: Menlo Park, CA

Project Description

Future Vision Remodeling is proud to present an elegant bathroom remodel in Redwood City, CA. The centerpiece of this remodel is a white modern-shaped bathtub, offering a blend of contemporary style and comfort. The walls are adorned with grey and white mosaics, creating a visually appealing and sophisticated backdrop. Complementing this is the crisp white paint that enhances the room's brightness and spaciousness. Discover our innovative approach to bathroom renovations by visiting our Bathroom Remodel page.

Wood cabinets with a white marble countertop provide a striking contrast to the grey and white mosaic tiles, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical storage solutions. A large mirror above the vanity not only adds functionality but also contributes to the sense of openness in the bathroom. The bathtub area is smartly separated from the rest of the bathroom with glass, maintaining an open and airy feel. Elegant bathroom fixtures throughout the space ensure a cohesive and luxurious experience. For more information on our general remodeling services, check out our General Remodel page. Learn more about our kitchen remodeling expertise by visiting our Kitchen Remodel page.