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Project Details

  • Service: Outdoor Renovation
  • Location: Warm Springs - Fremont , CA

Project Description

Future Vision Remodeling is excited to showcase a stunning bathroom remodel in San Carlos, CA. The bathroom features exquisite white porcelain with grey veins, creating a sophisticated and timeless appearance. Complementing this are deep blue cabinets, adding a splash of bold color and elegance. Black fixtures throughout the bathroom provide a striking contrast, enhancing the overall modern aesthetic. A shower enclosed by glass adds a touch of contemporary style, while the large mirror expands the sense of space. For insights into our bathroom remodeling services, visit our Bathroom Remodel page.

The bathroom is completed with a grey floor that grounds the space in a neutral tone and a white bathtub for a serene bathing experience. This combination of color and texture creates a bathroom that is both inviting and stylish. If you're considering a general remodel for your home, explore our General Remodel page to see how we can enhance your living space. Discover our approach to kitchen renovations by visiting our Kitchen Remodel page.