Bathroom Remodel

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  • Location: San Jose, CA

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Future Vision Remodeling is proud to showcase a sophisticated bathroom remodel in San Jose, CA. The bathroom design features a harmonious blend of green, white, and wood elements. Dark wood cabinets provide a rich contrast against the white marble countertop, while two white washbasins and elegant gold fixtures add a touch of luxury. For a closer look at our bathroom remodeling services, visit our Bathroom Remodel page.

The white, modern bathtub, enclosed with glass, serves as a focal point in the bathroom, offering both style and comfort. Dark-toned green mosaics on the walls complement the earthy tones of the wood cabinets, creating a serene and nature-inspired ambiance. The ceiling is finished in white paint, enhancing the room's brightness and spaciousness. Discover our approach to general remodeling by exploring our General Remodel page. To explore our kitchen remodeling expertise, visit our Kitchen Remodel page.