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Project Details

  • Service: Kitchen Remodel
  • Location: South San Francisco, CA

Project Description

Future Vision Remodeling is proud to announce the completion of a comprehensive general remodeling project in Pacifica, CA. This project encompasses a multifaceted renovation, including a garage conversion and bathroom remodels, each reflecting a fusion of functionality and style. The garage has been converted into a versatile space, ideal for artistic endeavors or as a tranquil retreat for relaxation. This transformation has turned a conventional garage into a dynamic area that can adapt to various activities and hobbies. For more on our general remodeling services, visit our General Remodel page.

The first bathroom remodel exhibits a sophisticated grey and white theme, featuring grey cabinets, a white countertop, and elegant gold fixtures. A shower enclosed by glass adds a modern touch to the space. The second bathroom contrasts with a white and black design, including black fixtures that make a bold statement. Both bathrooms include large mirrors with lighting and a glass-enclosed white bathtub, ensuring a luxurious experience. For bathroom remodeling insights, check out our Bathroom Remodel page. Discover our kitchen remodeling services to explore the potential of your kitchen space.